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Highs and Lows

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2008 by David Palmer
This week the weather has not been very good (it has to be half term?). To escape the atrocious weather in Harborough, Sarah and I travelled up to sunny Yorkshire! It was raining there as well!!!!! I did manage to weed Mum’s vegetable   patch and repair her washing machine (she is keeping well). We did watch a lot of the ‘Simpsons’ on Sky TV.
On Wednesday, Sarah and I diverted to Newark to drop some clothes off for Lucas (on our way back home). It was nice to see them, we didn’t stay long and travelkled back to Harborough in the rain.
Thursday and Friday saw Sarah and Sue making a wedding cake, and I put some more lights in upstairs. On Friday evening Sue, Sarah and I went to the theatre to see ‘High School Musical’. It was very entertaining. However, when we go home I discovered that the fox had killed Chocolate and Honey (Guinea Pigs). He had only just done it when we returned. He was still there and very precocious, he wouldn’t leave their little corpses, so I put them in their cage in the shed and Jamie chased the fox away. If only we had returned ten minutes earlier! On Saturday morning we buried them. Very sad. Jamie drove down to Bath with some friends (Don’t know why).

A Varied Week

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2008 by David Palmer
This week we had interviews at school to find someone to replace me. After the 7 original aplications received, only 2 were left to interview on Tuesday and one of those was an internal candidate. The internal candidate was given the job. On Thursday I and the Head interviewed 7 candidates for a Year 2 vacancy. Because the Deputy Headship was internal, it meant that we now had 2 vacancies to fill instead of 1. Unfortunately, all the candidates were NQT’s and keystage 1 trained, and one of the posts was in Year4 (keystage2). Two were appointed. One of them was an ex pupil and I felt really, really, really ancient! However, they were both outstanding and will do the job admirably.
Sarah had work experience this week at a Nursery. She absolutely loved it. They must have worked her hard as she came home very tired each day. Her repoirt at the end of the week was very good. We must look for a job for her over the summer!!! She is also planning how to make a wedding cake. Not for Charlotte, but it is part of her schoolwork, I suppose I will have to pay for the ingredients (as usual), but won’t get a sniff of a crumb.
On Friday it was Sarah’s 15th brthday. Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down to celebrate. We took her to the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ for a meal, it was lovel and Lucas behaved impeccably. On Saturday she had her ears pierced, despite her dad disapproving. Later she went with Charlotte and Suraj to Rockingham on an all terrain vehicle day. They had a great time driving up and down impossible slopes etc. Afterwards we had a BBQ, Jamie brought Harriet and for the first time we managed to have a good chat with her. She seems quite sensible and accepted a challenge for Jamie and herself to play tennis against Sarah and I, when she has finished her exams.
I helped Jamie change his break light bulb as he told me that he had been stopped by the police. He tod me that he is regularly stopped and onc he was stopped 3 times in one day. I haven’t been stopped once in 33 years.
Today it has rained incessantly, so I replaced 4 light fittings downstairs and converted my CD collection to mp3. A boring day.

My good news

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2008 by David Palmer
Today Sue and I went out for lunch to the’Shoulder of Mutton’ pub for lunch to celebrate. A couple of months ago I was eventually persuaded by Sue to visit the doctors as I was losing sleep through and ache in both arms. I had a blood test and anti-biotics. When the blood test came back I was prescribed steroids for rheumatism in my upper arms. However there was an excess of antigens present in the blood and I had to have a further blood test. When that came back it confirmed a high level of antigens, usually present with prostrate cancer. Next came a visit to the hospital to see a specialist and a biopsy (not very nice and it hurts!) I had 2 weeks to wait for the results (quite worrying). The good news is that the steroids have done their job and I get no arm ache (I stuffed Jim at tennis tonight, 2 sets to love at tennis)and the results of the biopsy confirm that I don’t have prostrate cancer and have been discharged (should get another blood test in a couple of years). Sue had sweet and sour soup with Chicken curry and I had spring rolls with Nassi Goreng, the meal was lovely and we must go again.


Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2008 by David Palmer
What a scorching week we have had! I managed to play tennis (twice),although noticeably at a much reduced pace and expenditure of energy. At school I gave the Year 4’s their optional SAT’s (always happens when the weather is good). All that leaves me to do now is to write their school reports. They are a very nice class and I am glad I have finished my teaching career with them.
The greenhouse is looking good, cucumbers and tomatoes are growing well.
Today Sarah and I tried out the canoe. We left at 9.30am paddling away from Mkt. Harborough on the Grand Union canal and fished at 5.30pm somewhere near Kibworth. We stopped for lunch at Foxton Locks. Highlights were: Sarah saying "Hello" to a man through the window of his canal boat as we passed (he jumped a mile as he was on the loo!), a huge swan accompanied us for quite a long time and then attacked us (I beat him off with a paddle), a scary paddle down a tunnel, and Sue managing to find us when we had finished in the middle of nowhere.
Jamie had a pool and BBQ party with his mates, though they appeared to get quite drunk, they behaved well.

May Break

Posted in Uncategorized on May 5, 2008 by David Palmer
Sarah and I went to see 10cc in concert on Friday night. Always wanted to see them and they didn’t disappoint. It was Sarah’s first concert and she loved it. We must book some more! Afterwards I went to the Rugby Club dinner. As I was very late getting there everyone was verrrrrry merry. I soon left and escorted a friend safely home (he had some difficulty in standing!), I was quite glad I chose 10cc.
Charlotte and Lucas also came on Friday. Suraj was in Tenerife at a stag week-end. On Saturday Sarah and Charlotte went shopping in Harborough. I spent the day gardening and Sue spent the day washing and ironing. Lucas was sick during the afternoon (over-ate or ate something icky?). We were going to see a local group in Lubenham, but in the end I went with a friend (Roger) as the girls stayed with Lucas and watched a film (I think).
On Sunday I spent the day again in the garden and Sue washed and did some more ironing. I did put some locks on the toilet doors as the ladies were complaining about the lack of privacy. Lucas, Sarah and Charlotte bounced on the trampoline a lot.
Monday was a glorious day. Scorching hot. I spent the day at the refuse-tip and and cleaned the shed out, while the everyone else went to the farm park, Sarah came back saying she wanted a duck for her birthday.  Lucas bottle fed the sheep and was scared when a cow moooed at him. Jamie spent the day moping around, Harriet was away in Skegness and I think he was missing her.