• Highs and Lows

    This week the weather has not been very good (of course it is half term). To escape the atrocious weather in Harborough, Sarah and I travelled up to sunny Yorkshire! And it was raining there as well!!!!! However, I did manage to weed Nan’s vegetable patch and also repair her washing machine. We spent a… Continue Reading

  • A Varied Week

    During the week interviews were held at school to find someone to replace me. Out of the seven original applications received, only two were called for interview, and one of those was an internal candidate. The internal candidate was given the job. On Thursday I and the new Headteacher interviewed seven candidates for a Year… Continue Reading

  • My good news

    Today Sue and I went for lunch to the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ in Great Bowden to celebrate being well. A couple of months ago I was persuaded by Sue to visit the doctor as I was losing sleep through a terrible ache in both arms. I had a blood test, and he prescribed antibiotics. When… Continue Reading

  • Pheeeeew!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a scorching week we have had! I managed to play tennis (twice) on the Welland Park courts with several ex-rugby chums, although noticeably at a much-reduced pace and expenditure of energy. At school, I gave the Year 4’s their optional SATs (which always seems to happen when the weather is good). All that is… Continue Reading

  • May Break

    On Friday night, Sarah and I went to see 10cc in concert, I have always wanted to see them live and they didn’t disappoint. It was Sarah’s first concert and she loved it. We must book some more! Afterwards, I went to the Rugby Club for the annual dinner. By the time I got there,… Continue Reading