May Break

On Friday night, Sarah and I went to see 10cc in concert, I have always wanted to see them live and they didn’t disappoint. It was Sarah’s first concert and she loved it. We must book some more! Afterwards, I went to the Rugby Club for the annual dinner. By the time I got there, it was late, and everyone was already verrrrrry merry! I soon left the merriment to escort a friend safely home (he had some difficulty in standing!) On reflection, I was quite glad I chose to see 10cc with my daughter.
Charlotte and Lucas also came to stay on Friday as Suraj was in Tenerife on a stag weekend with friends. On Saturday afternoon Sarah and Charlotte went shopping in Harborough while I spent the day gardening and Sue busied herself with washing and ironing. Unfortunately, Lucas was sick during the afternoon (over-ate or ate swallowed something icky?). As a family, we were going to see a local group in Lubenham that evening, but in the end, I went with a friend (Roger) and the girls stayed with a poorly Lucas and watched a film (I think).
On Sunday I again spent the day in the garden while Sue continued with the washing and some more ironing. Late in the afternoon, I fixed locks onto the three toilet doors as the women in the family complained bitterly about the lack of privacy. Throughout the day, Lucas, Sarah and Charlotte contented themselves by bouncing on the trampoline in the garden. No doubt it kept them fit and it seemed as if it was a lot of fun by the amount of laughing that I could hear.
Monday was a glorious day. Scorching hot. I spent the day driving to and from the shed and the refuse tip as I attempted to clear it out of rubbish collected over the year. The rest of the family went to the farm park in Desborough, and Sarah came back saying she wanted a duck for her birthday.  Little Lucas bottle-fed the sheep but was frightened when a cow loudly mooed at him. Jamie spent the day moping around the house as Harriet was away in Skegness, I think he was missing her.

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