Getting better

Lucas spent the week in hospital. They didn’t have to graft any skin and with the morphine he seemed to be coping well. Charlotte and Suraj stayed with him though Suraj had to go back to work on the Wednesday. Lucas was allowed to go home on the Saturday afternoon. Sue, Sarah and I travelled up to Newark to see Lucas on the Sunday. Charlotte cooked Sunday lunch (very nice and traditional, I had seconds!) Lucas didn’t appear to have been affected too much, though he was very clingy and wanted to be picked up all the time. Apart from his bandaged hands you wouldn’t have known what he had been though. We only stayed a few hours and then drove home.
Jamie’s 19th birthday was on Saturday. He had driven down to Bournemouth on Friday with a friend and stayed in a hotel until Sunday. He didn’t say much about the place, but I suspect it was a bit too quiet for him (the older you get, birthdays seem to lose their excitement).
Sarah a made avery nice jam rolypoly sponge this week at school. I only know this through hearsay as I didn’t get a sniff of any!!!
The doors were replaced  and I am now busy waxing them. A very tedious job and the fumes are awful. Sue has a poorly chest and I don’t think the doors are helping. They do look nice.
On Friday I attended the Referees Society Annual Dinner at ther Walker Stadium (Leicester City’s ground).  Very nice meal and the guest speaker (Geof Probyn) was very good. I got home around 1.30am, but was up at 7.00am waxing! In the afternoon I went to the Rugby Club to watch the second team. The referee ruptured his achilles at the start of the game and I had to take over. It is very sweaty running around a rugby pitch in your normal clothes on a hot Saturday afternoon (I shall pay for it tomorrow, when I try to get out of bed!)
I bought a new monitor for my PC and hopefully now that the screen is clearer, I shall make less mistakes. I was offered a job this week by a local company who asre in IT. They were keen to let me work when I wanted, but I am not sure I want to get involved in that type of work again. I put them off until after the summer.
Lucas has had his bandages taken off and apparently his hands are now in plastic bags (good sign, I think). I did think that plastic bags were bad for global warming!
Jamie is still going with Harriet.

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