• It all seems to be work

    It doesn’t seem like 2 weeks since the last time I wrote an entry into the family blogg, the time has shot by. We all seem to have been like ‘passing ships in the the night’, busy with our own little worlds and only occasionally bumping into each other when through necessity our paths collide… Continue Reading

  • There’s snow business like snow business!

    Surprisingly, it’s only been 10 days since I wrote the last blogg. The sun made an appearance to day and encouraged me to tidy up the garden detritus and then chop a great big pile of logs, in readiness for come more cold weather that the has been predicted. The snow has now gone (except… Continue Reading

  • Christmas 2009

    I think like a lot of people I was looking forward to the end of 2009. Besides both Sue and I officially being retired and in receipt of our Teacher pensions before the whatever government is elected in the spring, takes away any benefits or extends the date at which it can be claimed. The… Continue Reading