• Calgary – 7

    A good nights sleep for both of us and a beautiful morning to wake up to. Breakfasted and showered we set off for Bow Lake to attempt the glacier. We stopped once on route to take a photo of a valley and lake nestled below the highway, it was covered in a cauldron of cloud,… Continue Reading

  • Calgary – 6

    We weren’t bothered by bears during the night, but Jamie’s mobile phone went off at 2.20am shortly followed by the wailing of the Trans Canadian ghost train. The RV ┬áthen decided to join in with the fun of keeping me awake and set off its carbon monoxide sensor. After checking that the gas was off… Continue Reading

  • Calgary – 5

    We woke today to find Elk grazing the grass outside our RV. I went out to photograph them and they seemed completely uninterested, seen it all before I guess. Rather annoyingly we found that we had picked up a parking ticket from the previous day (it was attached to the windscreen). First task was to… Continue Reading

  • Calgary – 4

    We had a sleep in this morning. I had to be woken around 9.30am. Then the fun started. After coffee, Jamie had what was left of the sausage and I had cereal for breakfast. While he used the RV for his shower I ventured out into a surprisingly warm day under clear blue skies to… Continue Reading

  • Calgary – 3

    Considering the altitude we are at it wasn’t surprising that the night was rather chilly. Jamie didn’t sleep well, though he kept this to himself until around 6am when he put on the furnace to heat up the RV and relocated his sleeping position onto floor next to the heating vent. I was first woken… Continue Reading

  • Calgary – 2

    After a good nights sleep we woke around 8am to a nice sunny day. After a coffee in our room we both went for a swim in the hotel pool. Jamie had been challenged on Facebook do 22 press-ups over 22 days, as a consequence I had to video him doing them. Returning to our… Continue Reading

  • Calgary – 1

    It was a 5.30am start for us both. Refreshed with a shower and coffee we checked out, made our may to Crawley train station (conveniently attached to the hotel) and boarded the relatively empty London commuter service to the airport just a 10 minute ride away. We negotiated security, passport control and check-in in double-quick… Continue Reading