• The Credit Crunch bites!

    As a consequence of the economic recession, unfortunately, Jamie has been made redundant. The family joinery company he works for has been getting less and less work over the last few months and the owner (John) has had to let his only two employees go. Jamie was very upset to get the news, but John… Continue Reading

  • Everyone returns and a birthday.

    This week has seen the family disappearing in all directions. Sue went to the West Country to stay with her sister, Philippa. I wisely (or thought so), checked the weather forecast and was discouraged that much of the country was going to be miserable all week, except the Midlands which was going to be fine… Continue Reading

  • Some quiet days.

    The weather has been good since the last blog, with some lovely sunny days and the occasional chilly night. I managed to do a few days at school including an afternoon compering a children’s talent show. Seeing things from a different perspective was quite different, particularly when the teaching support assistants did Mamma Mia with… Continue Reading