Some quiet days.

The weather has been good since the last blog, some lovely sunny days and the occasional chilly night. I managed to do a few days at school including an afternoon compering a children’s talent show. It was quite different seeing things from a different perspective, particularly when the teaching support assistants did Mamma Mia with Richard Blewitt doing a guest appearance as Meryl Streep! Did I really look such a prat last year with my version of the Spice Girls?

Less amusing is that the school is now financially up the creek (not surprised), and has to make some redundancies among the teaching staff. As expected people are even less happier that they were before and certain members of staff have asked for some advice (even Meryl).

On the brighter side, I managed to referee a whole rugby match without so much as a twinge and I am now discovering new off road routes on my bike each day. The Leicestershire countryside is really very nice when you get out into it. The news about the Earthquake in Italy has some relevance, as the only the day before it happened I had booked to go to Santa Vittoria with Ryanair and Roger Woolnough (not sure which is the cheapest!). We are taking up an invite from Joan (previous Head at Farndon Fields) to visit. Though they were near the epi-centre, the house is still standing and the visit is still on. We fly on the 23rd April with a requested consignment of Teabags.

At school, Sue made it to the Easter break and also managed a couple of days visit to see her Uncle Stan in Manchester. She enjoyed the visit and didn’t have to use her voice much as Stan (who lives alone) didn’t leave much scope for replies! He is a very nice person and Sue thinks that the neighbours do take advantage of that.

Last Saturday we went out to a new restaurant in town (quite posh and a lot expensive). One of the rugby coaches that I had spent so much time with over the years arranged it. It was nice meeting up with friends that I didn’t see now. We had a good time and the food was fine, Sue ordered a steak and I wished I had also!

Jamie has arranged to go to Bournemouth next Friday with some friends (its his birthday on the 19th). I got a friend to weld the exhaust on his car back together (£20) and the following day he was in Northampton and a Taxi ran into the back of him! He is now involved in getting quotes for the repair. Not a straightforward life that Jamie lives. His car is ok and there is only superficial damage, I just hope it stays that way when he needs it to drive down to Bournemouth.
Sarah got back from her trip to RAF Rosslare last night. She has been texting me during the week and it was obvious she was having a brilliant time. She came out best on the simulator, flying a Nimrod, so they let her fly one for real!!!!!! She took the controls when in the air. There are only 6 of the 14 aircraft left that ARE still flying and asking Sarah to take control of one of them was a bit risky, I have seen her in control of a quad bike and jet ski on holiday (and I stay well away!) Apparently she was the fastest in stripping, cleaning and assembling a rifle but, the BIGGEST surprise was that she won first prize for her tidy room. For those that know our little swamp rat, that is astonishing.

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