Everyone returns and a birthday.

This week has seen the family disappearing in all directions.
Sue went to the West Country to stay with her sister, Philippa. I wisely (or thought so), checked the weather forecast and was discouraged that much of the country was going to be miserable all week, except the Midlands which was going to be fine and sunny. I decided not to go anywhere and elected to stay in Leicestershire. Well, as promised, Monday was fine and sunny, so I took myself for a walk through Gumley woods. It was a lovely, peaceful walk, but I strained my knee as several of the hills I skirted, sloped in the same direction, stressing an already painful cruciate ligament, and it hurt all week. Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday proved to be the most miserable of days; wet, cold, and depressing and I didn’t leave the confines of the house at all. One plus to my enforced incarceration was that I catalogued the 326 films we have on DVD. Annoyingly, Sue had brilliant weather, enjoying hot, bright sunshine throughout her stay!
While her mum was away, Sarah took the opportunity to go to Newark and stay with her sister Charlotte. It gave her some necessary quiet time to revise for her GCSEs. As a further annoyance, when she returned on Sunday, she was sporting a bit of a suntan (was it make-up?)
Using the TomTom Satnav that we had bought him, Jamie went with two of his mates all the way to Bournemouth on the south coast, to celebrate his birthday. When he returned to Willow Bank, as usual, he didn’t say much as to what he had got up to (but then I didn’t when I was that age). It seems the hotel he had booked was nice and most annoyingly, he too was suntanned!!!
On Sunday everyone returned, and we cut the cake celebrating Jamie’s 20th birthday. I can’t say the last 20 years have flown by smoothly with Jamie, there have been regular self-inflicted highs and lows, and many times I thought he would never make it past his teens, but thankfully he has. I often predicted that he would be the death of me by the time I got to 50, I am grateful I got that wrong. I am now looking forward to the next 50 years with a bit more certainty.
I am looking forward to visiting Joan and Phil in Italy. I fly out with Roger on Thursday with Ryanair for a spot of Italian rambling (earthquakes permitting).

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