• Yet More Hospital Visits!

    Back from our Oceanic lap of luxury and now quite accustomed to grazing our way from one culinary delight to another, Charlotte, recognising the withdrawal symptoms one suffers when faced once again with beans on toast, took us out with her family to Zizzi’s for Sunday lunch. I was surprised to see the place so… Continue Reading

  • And Home

    We woke around 6am but didn’t get up until another 50mins. The bill for our onboard expenditure had arrived and it was quite a lot less than anticipated. What an excellent start to the day. As most were disembarking today, ┬ábreakfast was rammed when we eventually made our way up to Deck 14 and the… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 11

    We had quite a comfortable night, but captain announced that we were behind schedule due to an adverse current and a force 8 gale. Yes, there was movement of the ship but due to the wonders of technology the ship’ s stabilisers had been deployed and were smoothing the effect of the mountainous waves we… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 10

    Breakfasted at 7.45am then went on deck to check where we were, the ship was slowly edging itself alongside the dock in La Coruna and it was still dark. By the time we had changed into our gear for the predicted weather (9 degrees and showers) and disembarked, the sun was up, it had gone… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 9

    We encountered rough seas during the night. The lurching of the cabin in random directions was exaggerated because we are located at the front of the ship and high up on deck 8. Great for access to all the ship’s facilities but not good in poor weather. I find these random movements relaxing and generally… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 8

    Breakfast at 7.15 and we were already secure in harbour having arrived in Gibraltar just before 7am. It was still dark and all we could see from deck 7 was the lights of the town twinkling away on our starboard side. We disembarked with sun just having risen at around 8.30am. We were due to… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 7

    We has already arrived and docked Cadiz by the time we awoke and quite a few passengers had disembarked and ventured into the town or boarded their tour buses and left. We had snaffled down our first meal of the new day, donned our stepping out gear, shuffled through disembarkation and were standing at the… Continue Reading

  • Oceana 6

    The clocks went forward one hour during the night so we went into breakfast a little later @ 8.45am, though like us the body clocks of the rest of the passengers had ignored the artificial reset and again we were one of the first into the restaurant. I had a little issue with our waiter… Continue Reading