Oceana 6

The clocks went forward one hour during the night so we went into breakfast a little later @ 8.45am, though like us the body clocks of the rest of the passengers had ignored the artificial reset and again we were one of the first into the restaurant. I had a little issue with our waiter as my ordered poached egg was given to another table and it had to be reordered, though it did arrive within a few minutes. To pass the time I had two tropical smoothies instead not just the one.

We had a very choppy in the night with the cabin taking random lurches in unpredictable directions and though the captain announced just before breakfast that the swell was easing off, it didn’t seem to be the case.

With breakfast securely battened down Sue and I returned to the cabin and put on fleeces for the 3.2 circumnavigations of the deck. We started well but towards the end of the first lap we came across Daphne playing shuffle board. Beckoning to Sue I carried on out of earshot, found a seat in the sun and waited. Twenty minutes later an exhausted Sue caught up, Daphne is a bit of a character, one that I can only stand in very small doses, about as long as it takes to eat the evening meal.
Completing the now obligatory mile Sue sat in the Atrium to read the on board newspaper and I took my camera to reception to be charged in readiness for tomorrow’s port.

We met again in the Theatre for a lecture on the bands of the 60’s. Interesting. Afterwards we walked the length of the ship to the other theatre to watch a film: Edge of Tomorrow, I am not a Tom Cruise fan but this one wasn’t half bad. It certainly followed his Scientology beliefs.


We had a late lunch in the Plaza, as usual I had a healthy salad and Sue a traditional English curry! Afterwards we took a quick 3.2 turns around the deck, which this time was undisturbed. We then snuggled into a couple of nice warm seats in the Atrium and read and sewed.

Today we prevented the ship from sinking. Along our corridor, one of the ceiling sprinkler units has started to drip, we noticed it this morning on the way to breakfast and on our return there was a bucket there to catch the water. Returning from lunch the bucket had nearly topped. Concerned that when it did so the ship would begin to list or something like it, we took the bucket to our cabin and poured it down the loo. However, the system was not designed to take such a large volume of water all at once and it overtopped onto the bathroom floor and had to be soaked up with towels. We returned the bucket to its corridor. Unsung heroes like ourselves have often gone unnoticed in history, but we are just pleased to have been of service to P&O and the passengers of the Oceana.

Late in the afternoon Sue returned to the cabin and I stayed and listened to the ship’s rock guitarist who plays brilliantly but in a subdued style, you can tell by looking at his facial contortions that he would really like to turn up the amps and let rip but his contract says he can’t.

After picking up Sue from the cabin we proceeded to the Theatre where we sat through a piano recital of a classic Spanish composer I have never heard of, and who apparently wasn’t very popular in his day. I can see why. It didn’t help that we were sat on the front row and couldn’t sneak out and that the pianiste grunted his way through each piece. It took us until near the end before we tracked where the noise was coming from, At first we thought it was the lady to our left who had fallen asleep and was snoring, then we thought it was vibrations from the ship or his piano. At least trying to solve the mystery kept us interested.

After changing into our formal gear we had dinner with our usual seafaring partners and later we ambled down to the other end of the ship to watch Andrea Dickens on, a rather good singer who sang songs that we were familiar with (it always helps). In bed for 11.45pm.

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