Oceana 5

Agadir today, so an early breakfast and then a trip onto the deck to watch the ship dock. A sunny warm day, clear blue skies, in contrast to the heavy snow being suffered by those back home. I wonder if Suraj is making use of the Zipfy we bought him for Christmas?

We sat in the lounge on deck 7 and waited for the call to disembark. Agadir is a freight port and doesn’t support a cruise terminal so after our cabin cards were scanned we descended on to a rather industrial quay. We found the little group of 4×4 vehicles that was to be our transport for the day among the many tour and shuttle buses all lined up neatly. We were sharing our vehicle with two other couples and the Arab drive.

Soon we were leaving the port in a convoy of 4 vehicles and passing through the city along the beach route, giving us a good look at the facilities and associated hotels. The trouble with Arab countries is that they build some lovely buildings but they never maintaintain them and plastc bags and other forms of modern litter are scattered abundantly everywhere. Plus to avoid paying local taxes they usually leave part of the house they build unfinished, giving who!e areas the look of a rundown unfinished building site.

A forty minute drive saw us leave the city and enter what I am sure if there was sufficient rain fall would be very fertile farmland. Agadir has very little annual rainfall. To overcome the lack of rain there are huge expanses of material green house with the aim to retain water than increase. From a distance they look like large bodies of water glittering in the sun.

100_7310 100_7311 100_7314

After a rather bumpy ride through dunes we can across the little fishing village of Tifnit. We had a photo stop and didn’t actually enter the village. That is the problem with organised tours, much prefer to hire a car and do our own thing as I am sure it would have been quite nice to have spent some time wandering about.

100_6303 100_6309 100_6310 100_6316

From there we set off again through the dunes and skirted the beach eventually arriving at a little settlement of cave dwellings. We had a short time to o explore one of the cave houses, not very la he at all though I should think comfortable enough to a short stay. Of course no electricity. Again back into the cars and more dune bashing, this time to a picturesque hotel for refreshments. Mint tea was offered but Sue and I opted for lemonade and coca cola, experience has told us that the alternative is just a very sweet liquid tasting very little of mint. A few more photos and then back to the cars.

100_6317 100_6319100_7322

We were to explore the wetlands of the Massa. Possibly to see pink flamingoes (we didn’t) but there were plenty of herons to see. We only stayed a very short time, it was sufficient as it was totally the wrong time of day to see wild life in the heat of the day. Next began the long journey back to the ship, stopping at a perfumery for the obligatory hard sell. They were unsuccessful in our case, butg they did seem to do some brisk business with the other tourists.

100_7323100_6326 100_6328

On boarding the ship Sue opted to go to eat and I opted for an afternoon snooze as I was feeling a little under the weather. I slept through the ship leaving port while Sue enjoyed the sun on the top deck.

We ate early that evening in the Plaza as it was buffet service and you could choose what and how much to eat and I wasn’t up to 4 courses with our usual dinner partners. One advantage of eating so early was that we took in two shows, the first being the song and dance troupe, the Headliners and after coffee down to the other end of the ship to see the flautist Steven Clark. He was very entertaining.

In bed for midnight, though there is plenty of other distraction available on the ship until the see small hours.

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