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Sarah’s 16th Birthday

Posted in Uncategorized on May 25, 2009 by David Palmer
Sarah: Still taking exams, but seems sheerful enough and surprisingly still enjoying life (I think). Well, she is 16 now and the years seem to have flown by. When I dropped her birthday photos into the folder I had created for her years ago it brings it home how quickly they grow. This morning I sat on the bridge throwing pine cones into the river, I remember doing that with Sarah (not so long ago). Yesterday, as part of Sarah’s birthday present we booked for her to go to Majorca with Charlotte and a friend for the week (all inclusive of course). They fly the day after her last exam. We had a BBQ for her on Saturday evening, she had a sleep over with friends in a tent on the Friday night, and then went to Leicester to shop on Saturday morning. Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the big day.
Charlotte: I was told off the other day that I hadn’t mentioned Charlotte in my blogs for some time and that I had better do so next time! She was promoted at work (don’t know what to) and she has been busy in the garden. She is going on holiday to Majorca with Sarah. She drives a Landrover Discovery and is still lovely, though starting to henpeck her Dad!
Sue: Unfortunately she has got another dose of chest infection and is laying in bed, dosed up with anti-biotics. I took her to Kettering hospital yesterday morning and they gave her a thorough examination, blood, X-ray, ecg etc. and then prescribed Erythromycin and bed (which should mean rest, but we shall see how long that lasts). She did manage to celebrate Sarah’s birthday before succumbing and with no school this next week, she has a chance to rest.
Jamie: He has a Matiz (hire car) while his Peugot is repaired (though there was very little damage to it), but because it is Jamie he has managed to crunch the hire car (his friend backed into it). I am glad I have lived a relatively uncomplicated and simple life, well at least up until Jamie was born. It will interesting when he has to return the Matiz. Next episode in a weeks time!
Nan: She is fit and well and at present attending a wedding in Wales. She will probably stay with her sister (Josie) until she gets fed up and then go home, could be after a few days or a few weeks, you can never tell.
Lucas and Suraj: They are fit and healthy and like me, have not done a lot except continue to be! We intend to continue as such as long as possible.

Still Windy!!!!!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 19, 2009 by David Palmer
I am getting heartily fed-up with every day being windy. Oh and I mustn’t forget the downpours that the wind keeps scudding in our direction. The plants I have in pots in the greenhouse that should be outside by now, are still sheltering behind glass. It makes watering difficult, I have to be very careful where I step as it is very crowded in there. However, I did manage to help Jamie ‘Deck’ the balcony outside our bedroom. He measured up and went with me to get the wood. I must admit to thinking that we had far too much, but when it was down, it was right. Three years training at last has started to pay dividends! With the off cut ends, I made a table, two planters (though it is too windy to put anything in them) and a plant pot holder (see photos). It will be nice sitting there, having morning coffee, when the storms abate (if ever). I did go for a 26 mile bike ride on Sunday with a friend (in the wind and rain and mostly uphill). It took 4.5 hours, on one occasion we had to shelter from the rain in a public house (nice pint) and on my return I was so Kn*******d I had lunch (late) and fell asleep. I won’t do it again. Until the next time.
Philippa bought me a mushroom growing kit for Christmas. I have tried them on occasions over the years, but never managed to grow even a single stool (or whatever you call a single mushroom). I planted these soon after Christmas and yesterday morning I had breakfast on my very own mushrooms! And, there looks plenty more to come. Obviously West Country mushroom kits are more potent than the ones further north. I should have taken a photo to prove trhat they grew, but the evdence was too tasty.
Jamie is driving around in a ‘Matiz’. It is a hire car given to him from the insurance company of the Taxi driver that ran intro the back of him. I think ihs own car is booked in next week for repairs. I once drove a ‘Matiz’ in Kefalonia, and all I remember is that it doesn’t do corners, which is pretty vital on that island! Jamie is not impressed with it, but he still likes showing off an 08 car to all his friends.
Sue is out at the theatre tonight, she has gone to see an author (Gervase Phinn). He was an ex-OFSTED Inspector and as such was seated to the right of Beelzebub! I have read his books and though they are very amusing (I did enjoy them), he did his inspections in the wilds of Yorkshire where they didn’t stand any of the bureaucratic nonsense associated with the inspection process. He now makes his living talking about his experiences. Sue was wise enough not to have invited me along, as he might have had another amusing experience to recount involving a aged Yorkshireman and a cowpat (if I could find one). On Friday she took Sarah to see ‘A boy in striped pyjamas’, it was showing in Harborough and though originally Sue and I were going, Sarah expressed a wish to see it, and she did. I spent a pleasant evening, repairing a computer for a friend, and avoided a heart tugging film about the Holocaust.
Jamie has made all the bits that are part on Nan’s, new walk in wardrobe and they are scattered all over my study. He now appears keen to go up to Yorkshire and install it, but as I have to take it (too big for his car) it looks like this Friday or perhaps Sunday. The problem is that she is due to go to Wales soon for a wedding. Watch this space.
My step-brother David emailed some bad news this week. He lives with his wife Genya, in Bulgaria. One day last week, when they were out for the day, their house was burgled. Mostly electrical items were taken. But what was heartbreaking was that their laptops were stolen and it contained a lot of work (stories) that Genya had been working on for the last 3 years and hoping to publish, also including wedding and holiday photos. There was no back-up, so they have gone. Very upsetting, but it appears they are making the best of things and getting on with jobs around the house and land etc. 
Sarah is in the middle of her exams and seems focussed and surprisingly calm (I know I wasn’t and I can bet Sue wasn’t either when we took our ‘O’ levels). We wish her luck, she has worked hard and deserves it.
I feel that I should pen a few words regarding the greedy, grasping, self opiniated, barefaced blaggards that pass themselves off as MP’s who apparently represent their constituents (us) in Parliament. But I won’t, I shall just exercise my vote in a radical fashion, when the time comes.

Windy Days!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 11, 2009 by David Palmer
Ever since I got back from Italy, every day (except yesterday) has been windy. Though it has been sunny, going outside has been risking a chill. However, plants are starting to grow, and it looks like it might be a bumper fruit crop this year (frost stay away!)
Sarah has been busy revising, though we have had visits from Matt at the week-ends. Her first exam starts tomorrow (RE). I like to play my music in the study while using my computer, but as it is below Sarah’s bedroom I have had to be quiet (strange when Dad gets complaints from his daughter about playing his rock music!)
Jamie went up to Nan’s to measure up for a walk-in wardrobe. He only stayed 1.5hours and then drove home. I hope he takes longer in making it. Last week he caught the kerb when driving away from the petrol station, and as his car is so low he crunched his sill, and yestreday he sprayed it (seemed quite proud of his spraying). I pointed out that if he hadn’t lowered his suspension he wouldn’t have had to do it (he wasn’t impressed).
On Bank Holiday Monday, we had a surpise visit from Lucas, Suraj and Charlotte. We went to Welland Lodge for lunch and the grown ups (though we didn’t act it) took it in turns to play with Lucas in the play barn, he has bags of energy and he still wasn’t tired after more than 2 hours! I hope he slept well that night.
I drove up to Thurcroft this week to take Nan for her eye appointment. She is doing really well and she read the chart better than I could. We watched Sheffield United draw with Preston in the promotion play-offs on Sky (they should have won). They play again tonight! The potatoes and onions I planted in her garden earlier in the spring are doing really well and should provide a big crop. She has bought a bath lift to get out ofn the bath. I suspect she has been a victim of an unscrupulous company that cold called on the telephone. It cost £600, which to my mind is some £400 too much!!! Too late now, it is in and paid for.
Sue had a carboot sale yesterday and managed to get rid of quite a lot from the loft (and made over £100). It was the only calm day we have had for a long time. I took the opportunity to move plants around the garden and sow some seeds.
I have been riding my bike (off road), gardening, copying my music to Windows Media Player (quietly) and making a rather good Sea Food Thai green curry, yum yum!