• Sarah’s 16th Birthday

    Sarah is still taking exams but seems continually cheerful and enjoying life (I think). She is 16 years of age now and the years seem to have flown by!!! Over the years, any photos I take of each of the children I drop them into a folder on my computer, for future use. I looked… Continue Reading

  • Still Windy!!!!!!!!

    I am getting heartily fed up with windy days and heavy downpours which the weather witches keep pushing in our direction. Plants which were started in the greenhouse should be outside by now but are still sheltering behind glass. Watering has become very tricky; I have to be very careful where I step as it… Continue Reading

  • Windy Days!

    Ever since I got back from Italy, it has been sunny but blowing a gale, venturing outside was to risk catching a chill. However, the vegetables and fruit trees are beginning to grow, and it looks like we might be having a bumper crop this year as long as the frost stays away! Sarah has… Continue Reading