• Sarah’s 16th Birthday

    Sarah: Still taking exams, but seems sheerful enough and surprisingly still enjoying life (I think). Well, she is 16 now and the years seem to have flown by. When I dropped her birthday photos into the folder I had created for her years ago it brings it home how quickly they grow. This morning I… Continue Reading

  • Still Windy!!!!!!!!

    I am getting heartily fed-up with every day being windy. Oh and I mustn’t forget the downpours that the wind keeps scudding in our direction. The plants I have in pots in the greenhouse that should be outside by now, are still sheltering behind glass. It makes watering difficult, I have to be very careful… Continue Reading

  • Windy Days!

    Ever since I got back from Italy, every day (except yesterday) has been windy. Though it has been sunny, going outside has been risking a chill. However, plants are starting to grow, and it looks like it might be a bumper fruit crop this year (frost stay away!) Sarah has been busy revising, though we… Continue Reading