Windy Days!

Ever since I got back from Italy, it has been sunny but blowing a gale, venturing outside was to risk catching a chill. However, the vegetables and fruit trees are beginning to grow, and it looks like we might be having a bumper crop this year as long as the frost stays away!
Sarah has been busy revising, though we have had regular visits from Matt at the weekends. Her first exam starts with religious education tomorrow. I like to play my music in the study while using my computer, however, as it is below Sarah’s bedroom, I have had to be quiet (strange when dad gets complaints from his daughter about playing his rock music!)
Jamie visited Nan in Thurcroft to measure up for a walk-in wardrobe. He stayed less than two hours and then drove home. I hope he takes longer when making it. Last week he caught the kerb when driving away from a petrol station, as his car is so low, he crunched the sill, and yesterday he sprayed it (he seemed quite proud of his spraying ability). He wasn’t impressed when I pointed out that if he hadn’t lowered the suspension, he wouldn’t have had to do it.
On Bank Holiday Monday, we had a surprise visit from Lucas, Suraj and Charlotte. We went to Welland Lodge for lunch and afterwards, we took turns in playing with Lucas in the play barn, he has bags of energy and was still bouncing around two hours later! I hope he slept well that night.
I drove to Thurcroft this week to take Nan for another eye appointment. She is doing really well, able to read the charts better than I can. We watched Sheffield United draw with Preston in the promotion play-offs on Sky (they should have won).  The potatoes and onions I planted in her vegetable plot earlier in the spring are doing really well and should provide her with plenty over the summer months. She recently bought a bath lift to get out of the bath. I suspect she has been the victim of an unscrupulous company that cold-called on the telephone. It cost £600, which to my mind is some £400 too much!!! Too late now, it is in and paid for.
At the weekend, on the only calm day we have had in a long time Sue went to the Saddington car boot sale and managed to get sell quite a lot of stuff stored in the loft, she made over £100. I took the opportunity to move a few plants around the garden and also sow some seeds in the greenhouse.

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