• Living in Lockdown – 39

    26/06/20 The Department of Health and Social Care reported a further 186 fatalities in all settings across the UK on Friday. Scotland is “not far away” from eliminating corona-virus, the country’s first minister has predicted. Nicola Sturgeon was speaking as she announced there have been no deaths from confirmed cases of the virus in the past 24… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 38

    23/06/20 The number of people who have died in the UK after testing positive for corona-virus increased by 280. The government announced today that Downing Street will no longer hold daily press briefings. Boris Johnson has set out plans to allow pubs, restaurants, cinemas, museums and galleries to re-open on 4 July in a major… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 37

    20/06/2 0 A further 128 people have died in the UK after contracting corona-virus, according to the latest figures released by the Government. Spain’s foreign minister has announced Brits will be able to holiday in Spain from Sunday – without having to quarantine. The UK and Spain are still in talks over whether Spanish visitors… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 36

    17/06/20 In the UK as of 5pm on Tuesday, 184 people have died in hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for corona-virus, bringing the official total to 42,153. If you’re thinking about travelling to Cambodia  you are going to be required to pay a $3,000 deposit upon arrival at the airport.… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 35

    14/06/20 Across the UK, 36 deaths were recorded with corona-virus – the lowest since 21 March. The official total of UK deaths across all settings now stands at 41,698. In France, legal proceedings against public authorities are being filed across the country as people argue that the illness or grief they suffered could have been… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 34

    11/06/20 A further 151 people have died from corona-virus in the UK, bringing the official death total to 41,279. A wet and miserable day in Leicestershire. I saw hardly anyone during my morning cycle, it’s the way I like it. My daily forays are usually along  seldom tramped tracks and pathways, but since the pandemic, my… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 33

    08/06/20  In the UK 55 people died after contracting corona-virus, the lowest daily total reported since 22 March. People calling for an end to fur farming protested in front of the Dutch parliament on Monday following an outbreak of corona-virus on mink farms that led to a cull of tens of thousands of the animals.… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 32

    05/06/20 The  death toll in the UK passed 40,000, with the Department of Health announcing 357 new deaths of Covid-19 in hospitals, care homes and the wider community on Thursday. Brazil’s Health Ministry reported that confirmed cases in the country had climbed past 600,000, with 1,437 deaths registered within 24 hours with its official death toll… Continue Reading

  • Living in Lockdown – 31

    02/06/20 A further 324 people have died of Covid-19 in the UK, making the total death toll 39,369. According to a Public Health England report, people from black and Asian ethnic groups are up to twice as likely to die than those from a white British background.  On Tuesday, as the country enacts a new… Continue Reading

  • Alice Thelma Price

    At 1.38am on Tuesday 2nd June 2020, Alice Thelma Price, weighing in at 7lbs 2oz, came into the world fit and healthy. Doesn’t she look gorgeous?