Living in Lockdown – 31

02/06/20 A further 324 people have died of Covid-19 in the UK, making the total death toll 39,369. According to a Public Health England report, people from black and Asian ethnic groups are up to twice as likely to die than those from a white British background.  On Tuesday, as the country enacts a new easing of lock-down measures, France’s death toll rose by 107 for the first time in 13 days. New Zealand could lift its remaining  restrictions next week. Social distancing measures and limits on gatherings would no longer apply if the country – which looks close to eliminating the virus domestically – moves to alert level one, the prime minister said on Tuesday. I do wonder whether the asymptomatic cases within the population, when given  greater freedom will unwittingly give the virus a further opportunity for Sauron’s necromancers to gather a few more souls.

Today is expected to be the last of the current lengthy run of fine days. Taking full opportunity of the ideal weather conditions, Alice Thelma Price made her entrance at into a rather perturbed world at 1.38am. After completing lots of tests on both mum and baby, both were discharged late in the day for Alice to spend her first night at home. I wonder how much sleep she will allow mum and dad to have? Knowing how sensitive Mia’s ears to the slightest unusual sound and how detonating her bark can be in the sleepy early hours, I think it was a wise move by Lee and Sarah to farm her out to the grandparents for awhile.

The country may be easing out of lock-down but I guess the new parents will undoubtedly be very wary of introducing Alice to friends and relatives for quite a while yet, so photographs and video will have to suffice until more certain times are here.

After a lot of morning phone calls to inform friends and relatives of the birth of Alice, at Willow Bank it was a humdrum day of watering and Mia walking. Sue bought the newspaper to keep as a reminder of the day Alice arrived and I spent a little more time on the outdoor clock I am making for Sarah.

News paper headline on Alice’s birth day.

03/06/20 The UK death toll from corona-virus has risen by 359 in the past 24 hours, to 39,728. Foreign travellers who disobey forthcoming UK quarantine rules coming into force on June 8 could be deported, according to new restrictions laid out by ministers. The plans will see people  told to isolate for 14 days to prevent new cases being introduced from overseas. To my mind, a sensible move for those not already tested negative for corona-virus prior to entry and until the NHS Test and Trace programme is fully operational and proven to work.  I think it should be mandatory for all arrivals to show that they have  the Covid-19 Tracker App activated for their stay in the UK. I would also expect that their temperature would have been checked prior to entering any airport terminal and this would be stamped and dated onto their Corona-virus certificate. Of course it would be an inconvenience, but Sue and I check which vaccinations (if any) we need prior to visiting a foreign country and arrange to be inoculated before travelling, we do the same for any visas required and fill in the obligatory immigration card on the aircraft indicating where we are staying. If you want to visit the UK during a pandemic, get a certificate from your GP that you have been tested negative within 3 days of travelling and download the Corvid-19 App. If you can’t do that, don’t come, we already have enough idiots of our own and the 2nd highest death rate in the world!

The promised change in the weather arrived. Ten degrees cooler and a day of constant light drizzle. The sort of rain that annoys, just ‘spits and spats’, making it mildly unpleasant to be outside and not enough to be useful to gardeners or farmers. I did manage to sow a short row of beetroot into the dust of of the raised vegetable plot, in the hope that the rain would spur them into germination.

Sleepy Alice.

The nursery wall revealed at last,

Having to dry Mia with a towel after each ‘poo’ walk, soon loses its novelty. After the late afternoon’s ‘long’ walk through wettish fields she was treated to a full blown bath, body shampoo and rub-down that at any five star Health Spa would have cost a fortune. She did smell nice afterwards, but I resisted the temptation to do her nails or put ringlets in her tail.

Sue and I spent some time tackling a U3A quiz that she had been sent for her amusement, there was just the one question left to solve before telephone calls and tea disturbed our thoughts.

Sarah and Lee had the expected ‘disturbed’ night. It’s only natural that new parents’ senses become acutely sharp when  baby first comes home, every little movement, breath or cry is instantly heard with suppressed panic. They made a very sensible move by farming Mia out to the grandparents, their little beagle look-a-like snores, a lot! During the afternoon, the midwife made her first visit, no doubt she would have been impressed by Alice’s nursery which was revealed by Sarah to the rest of the family on Messenger for the very first time today. The next appointment with the midwife will be at the clinic in Hinckley, under lock-down, no more home visits.

04/06/20 The UK’s corona-virus death toll has risen by 176 to 39,904. At last, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed those using public transport will be compelled to wear a face mask as a condition of travel. Those without face coverings could be stopped from boarding trains and buses. Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy rose by 88 on Thursday, against 71 the day before.

No rain today, but it was chilly. For Mia’s third walk of the day Sue accompanied us on a ‘long march’ to Braybrooke and back.

Sarah, Lee and Alice’s first venture out. Sarah’s car needed an MOT, so a visit to the garage was required. Not much of an adventure, but a first for Alice.

Jamie attended an appointment in Leicester to see the specialist about his knee and have an MRI scan. He will now wait for the results, with the backlog in cases due to the pandemic that could be quite a while.



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