• What storm?

    Having not written a blog since travelling back from Bulgaria through a horrendous storm, it is a British storm that has prompted me to put finger to keyboard again. And the fact that Sue has spent the last 2 days in bed with a tummy and chest bug, plus I got bored spending yet another… Continue Reading

  • Sofia

    David returned from Gabrovo, reporting that the car was very sick and he didn’t think that he would make it back. Crassy’s garage couldn’t get the part until the following day so that prompted David to struggle into Dryanovo and enquire at the garage there. They would have the part by 2pm. He was going… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 30 (The Return?)

    Thunderstorms forecast, but never appeared. We did have a small amount during the night, but nothing significant (according to David’s coffee cup left on the garden wall, 2 days ago). It was a fine sunny day. I had decided to attempt a new circular route for Banjo’s walk and set off down the lane towards… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 29

    A murky but dry morning. I persuaded David to accompany Banjo on our morning walk. We used our favourite route, and though we came across no wildlife other than woodpeckers we were treated to an appearance by the sun and as a consequence some great views over the valley. Arriving back in Ritya we came… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 28

    Woke early to a miserable, murky day. It had rained in the night and the nice pile of dry, cut logs piled up outside the wood-store were wet! Never trust a Bulgarian weather forecast site, they speak with forked tongue! As it appeared to threaten more rain and we couldn’t see much beyond the garden… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 27

    While I took Banjo for his walk (same route as yesterday, but minus any deer), David set about cleaning the kitchen. Mindful, probably, that the evening meal wasn’t going to happen if the surfaces on which to prepare food weren’t cleared, the cooking utensils scraped of left over food and we had crockery and cutlery… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 26

    Woke to the company of several more dead kerlinkas scattered on the duvet. Hoping the strange taste in my mouth wasn’t insect protein I washed it away with a nice honey coffee and took Banjo for his longest walk yet. Up the village, past the cemetery, across the meadow to the dirt track we had… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 25

    During the night the RAF made a bombing raid and returned to base with dam burst and bomb bays empty. Today was completing work unfinished from previous years. With both barns now done, it was decided to repair and improve the front gate. David had changed the entrance to the property soon after moving in,… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 24

    There was lots of wild life about during Banjos early morning walk. We came across, squirrels and deer on the little lane that lead out of the village. Though he is quite small in stature he gives it a go and sprints headlong towards his quarry, so far, all have legged it. I look forward… Continue Reading

  • Ritya 23

    Hot and sunny. Even though now the pressure is off and he pace of work has steadied, today we completed the other end of the barn, despite it being quite complicated to fit the wood and we moved onto the back to fit the rear facia board that hadn’t been done last year. Even as… Continue Reading