Ritya 25

During the night the RAF made a bombing raid and returned to base with dam burst and bomb bays empty.

Today was completing work unfinished from previous years. With both barns now done, it was decided to repair and improve the front gate. David had changed the entrance to the property soon after moving in, but employing local Bulgarians to do the work meant that each facet of the job was inevitably not finished off. Facia boards were significantly too short, tiles weren’t cut appropriately or were just missing. The water-tight join to the small barn roof did not exist and the boxing-in of the roof joists did not happen. On further investigation of the structure we found vital supports not nailed/screwed in position.

After a long morning Banjo walk we began to put things right. The work was quite tedious as we had done each of the necessary tasks on a much larger scale on the other roofs and this small one was just annoying. Squeezing into small gaps to swing a hammer, cut a tile or place material, invited splinters, grazes or the movement of old bones into places they haven’t been in for quite while.
Milen turned up and watched from below for quite a while, before getting bored and returning to his own house down the lane. We later heard drilling and hammering coming from it, indicating that he may have picked up an Angliski tip or two as he watched.

Lunch was fried egg sandwiches with a supplement of chilli beans, now that David was able to take them on board. When I went to wash my hands before eating, I noticed lots of little dots scattered over my bed. On closer examination they were dozens of dead ladybirds (kerlinka). David and I scratched our heads as to how they had got there, the line of corpse stretched across the floor as well. They got hoovered up. The lady birds here are different to the more domesticated variety back in the UK. The air at times seems full of these wayward, random little creatures and can at times get very annoying. When perched on a ladder you are most likely going to be hit regularly by these small insects and even worse, when they land on you they immediately bite. Yes, they are not the same sweet English species that nibble only aphids, these are man-eaters!

We stopped when the light failed. The hot-pot that evening was chicken and mushroom and though edible wasn’t benefited by the addition of the mushrooms which had come from a brine filled jar and tasted of ….. brine. The film watched was very long and it was nearly midnight before I retired and fell into a Kerlinka free bed.

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