Ritya 24

There was lots of wild life about during Banjos early morning walk. We came across, squirrels and deer on the little lane that lead out of the village. Though he is quite small in stature he gives it a go and sprints headlong towards his quarry, so far, all have legged it. I look forward to the time when one stands its ground, I guess it will be amusing.

After breakfast walnuts we set about finishing the pool barn. The ridge tiles and facia boards were put on, the guttering adjusted and even a wind-chime was added to the side, hung from and exposed beam (nice touch).

David had a medical run into Dryanovo to acquire some laxative. He has failed to satisfy the Riya sewerage system for nearly a week now and even despite gradually looking more and more pregnant he has been hanging on waiting for a raid from 617 squadron (Dam Busters). On his return, he popped a couple of pills after first consulting Milen as to what the dosage was and any restrictions. We now wait.

We also finished off the metal work on the wood-store roof after I had first cut, then bent the sheets into the required shape. The tools for that day were then cleared away and the sun was still high in the sky.

It was decided to finish the day off with a walk. The three of us set off up the village to the cemetery. I noticed the overgrown lane veered off to the right and as David had never ventured down it before, we did so. It quickly led through some trees to what could be described as an alpine meadow. Following some animal tracks we crossed to a stand of trees on the far side. The views as we walked were tremendous. The height gave us a great vista of the mountains beyond Dryanovo. Another rack ran along the edge of the trees and this we followed for a while. The sun was beginning to set and the autumn colours, particularly the yellows stood out starkly against the darkening interior of the surrounding forest. Ten more minutes of walking and talking, a stop to lift Banjo up from ground zero to see the sights that because of his frame his eyes don’t have the opportunity to see. I love the way his head constantly spins around in awe as he takes in the vastness of his surroundings. As the sun dipped below the horizon we retraced our steps.

That night we ate at the the bar. We started to, but through tiredness, failed to finish a film.

As Banjo and I drifted off to sleep, there was no indication of the Mohne, Eder, Sorpe or Nixon dams being raided.

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