Ritya 23

Hot and sunny.
Even though now the pressure is off and he pace of work has steadied, today we completed the other end of the barn, despite it being quite complicated to fit the wood and we moved onto the back to fit the rear facia board that hadn’t been done last year. Even as he sun was setting we heaved some capping tiles up and tried them out for position.

During the afternoon, David managed a run into Dryanovo to get more material and while he did that I took Banjo for quite a long walk. On Google maps I had spotted an old road that left Ritya from the centre of the village, went near the next village Balaleya and then on up to the main road to the north. Foolishly, I attempted the route in shorts and T-shirt and that was my eventual undoing. The track (must have been quite a good road 20+ years ago) was badly overgrown, mostly by thorn bushes. After around a mile or so of bending back branches and squeezing through gaps trying to avoid the vicious barbs, I eventually gave up when the I felt I had given enough blood to the venture. Banjo was disappointed, but then he is only 50cm off the ground (at most) and the only hazard he was facing was tripping over fallen walnut shells. On returning to the house, David had not returned so I sat in the sun and closed my eyes and listened to the sound of silence and the woodpecker trying to fell the tree across the lane that he has been having a go at for the last 3 weeks.

I made a skype call to Sue and picked up the latest news from back home. I informed her that I had booked my return flight on the 17th Oct. (the cheapest one available). I was hoping for a little earlier, but Easyjet fares were astronomical and Wizzair only slightly better until the 17th.

That evening was another hot-pot and film.

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