Sarah’s 16th Birthday

Sarah is still taking exams but seems continually cheerful and enjoying life (I think). She is 16 years of age now and the years seem to have flown by!!!
Over the years, any photos I take of each of the children I drop them into a folder on my computer, for future use. I looked into Sarah’s folder the other day and it brought home how quickly she has grown up. This morning I sat on the bridge throwing pinecones into the river, it seems not so long ago I did that with my little girl. Yesterday, as part of Sarah’s birthday present, we booked for her to go to Majorca with Charlotte and a friend for the week (all-inclusive of course). They fly the day after her last exam. To celebrate her birthday, she had a sleepover with some friends in a tent in the garden on a Friday night. The following morning, they went to Leicester to shop, then had a BBQ with us in the evening along with Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down on Saturday afternoon to celebrate the big day.
I was told off the other day that I hadn’t mentioned Charlotte in my blogs for some time and that I had better do so next time! WELL: She was promoted at work, though at present she doesn’t know what to do, and apparently, she has been very busy in the garden. She is going on holiday to Majorca with Sarah and is presently driving a Landrover Discovery. I still think she is lovely, though starting to henpeck her dad!
Unfortunately, Sue has got another chest infection and is presently lying-in bed, dosed up with antibiotics. I took her to Kettering hospital yesterday morning and they gave her a thorough examination, blood, X-ray, ECG etc. and then prescribed Erythromycin and bed (which should mean rest, but we shall see how long that lasts). She did manage to celebrate Sarah’s birthday before succumbing. Luckily, with no school this next week, she has a chance to rest.
Jamie has a hire car while his Peugeot is being repaired (though there was very little damage to it). However, because it is Jamie, he has managed to crunch the hire car (his friend backed into it). I am so glad I have managed to live a relatively uncomplicated and simple life, well at least until Jamie was born. It will be interesting when he has to return the Matiz.
Nan is fit and well and at present attending a wedding in Wales. She will probably stay with her sister (Josie) until she gets fed up and then goes home, which could be after a few days or a few weeks, you can never tell.

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