Hot dog days!

Sarah: Still valiantly struggling on, sitting exams in sweltering heat. We did have a bit of time last week to go on a bike ride and she thoroughly enjoyed it and promised to go on more when her exams are finished.
Sue: Much better now, the pills have kicked in and she is just as busy as ever (she works every day this week, except one). She is planning to go to Tenbury wells for next week-end to see a family friend, the break should do her good.
Jamie: At the moment he is swimming in the pool with his friends (it is scorching hot). Yesterday he and I drove up to Nan’s with the bits fro her walk in wardrobe. I must admit I left him to do it on his own and only helped when called (I weeded the garden), I made him 3 cups of tea and held a bit of wood. What he did was spot on, everything fitted and looked good. It is not finished as he has to make three small panels to finish it off properly and when it is done he will go up there on his own and fit them. We called into see Charlotte on the way back, she had forgotten to take some veg plants the last time she called, so I delivered them. Lucas loved playing with Jamie and kept calling his name and following him everywhere (not sure that Jamie is such a good role model!), We got him very late, after a fish and chip supper.
Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas: They came down last week-end to see us again. Theey went to Argos in Corby to buy a new TV, but they didn’t have any 42" ones. I took Suraj over to Roger’s house as he had built him a computer and he spent a bit of time installing it there. When he came back he decided that my two PC’s were running slow so he installed some memory cards in them (they did work faster). They stopped for a BBQ before returning home. I am afarid I spent the afternoon watching the Lions beat a South African side, followed by England losing to the Barbarians.
Dave: The weather has been gorgeous so I have been busy in the garden, though the plants aren’t growing fast enough for me! My step-brother and his wife Genya had flown over from Bulgaria during the week. I didn’t find out until the day they were leaving and could probably helped with some of the arrangements if I had known. However, I am flying out (with Roger) to see them on the 10th of June. They aren’t picking us up from the airport so I have booked a car to drive there. Having driven already in Bulgaria I know the singposts will be in Cyrillic and undecipherable. I have half the country to drive across! Should be interesting.
Sacha: Some friends went to Brussels for the week-end, so we looked after their dog Sacha. She is 12 years+ and not very agile. She was no trouble looking after her as she slept most of the time and the rest was mostly spent laying down on the settee in my study. The weather was very hot and I think it contributed to her lethargy.
Nan: Looks as fit as a fiddle. Was pleased with the job that Jamie has done for her. Still watches every sporting event on the TV possible and usually has 3 channels on the go at the same time (it would send me mad). She returned from the wedding in Wales with lots of tales about relatives who I can’t remember. I must go this summer with Sue and do the rounds.

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