Oceana 7

We has already arrived and docked Cadiz by the time we awoke and quite a few passengers had disembarked and ventured into the town or boarded their tour buses and left. We had snaffled down our first meal of the new day, donned our stepping out gear, shuffled through disembarkation and were standing at the port exit having waved away expectant taxi drivers and tour reps by 9am.

100_6333 100_6335

Having picked up a city guide from a pretty customer services operative who explained that the roads had coloured lines painted on them that matched those of our map and so made getting about the city easy, she then suggested the purple route in the morning and the orange route in the afternoon. That sounded nice and easy, and as it turned out, it was. A lovely simple idea that should be taken up by all popular tourist venues that are suitable for its implementation. However, even though all you have to do is follow the line in the pavement, deviate into shops, squares, churches etc. and then return to the spot that you left the line and then carry on, some people did have difficulty, More than several times we were approached by fellow cruisers, who having recognised us, enquired as to where they were and which way to go. And, towards the end of our purple adventure we followed a road sweeper that was spraying the pavement with water and scrubbing the surface, also removing most of our purple line! I reckon that one more scrubbing run and the line will have disappeared. I do hope they authorities have a regular painting regime.

100_6341100_7326 100_7330100_6345

Our morning wander through the narrow streets of Cadiz was lovely, if not a little chilly at times when standing in squares that allowed the breeze to enter. I lost count of the churches and shops that we had a look round, but in one beautiful square there was a flower market going on and Sue stopped awhile and purchased a present. Everywhere was so clean and tidy, such a contrast to Agadir.
We returned to the ship exactly at midday and took lunch in the Plaza. I varied from my usual salad and had Thai Green Curry and then followed that up with some fiery fajita, of which I went and had seconds.

We were back dock side just after 1pm, this time following the orange line that circumnavigated the city. We had been told that it would take one and a half hours to complete, but we intended to take our time and explore as we did have seven and a half hours to spare.

100_6353   100_6366 100_6370100_6351

This time we spurned the churches (you can have so many!) and concentrated on vistas as this route had the sea always to our right. We wandered through some pretty parks, one in particular that had a small mountain feature was a delight. I was obviously a route popular with photographers as we can across quite a few sizing up various shots of one sort or another.

At one point near a beach section we were hit by a brief shower, so we ducked into a pleasant cafe and I practised my now very poor Spanish and ordered us a chocolate and tea: chocolate y te y leche por favor. It got the message over and we sipped our drinks and watched the shower splutter its way across the city leaving calm and clear blue skies behind. We didnt’ t hurry as we were intrigued by the many paintings hung on the walls, trying to guess which ones had been brushed by the same artist as there were quite a few differing styles and techniques. We would never know of course, but it passed the time.


We carried on, having decided to risk the causeway over to Castillo San Sebastian that could be seen from the comfort of our rain shelter. We expected the passage over the ancient narrow castellated roadway to be exposed and cold as we had observed very few people tracking across it during the 40 minutes that we had observed. However, we were surprised, the sun had indeed warmed things up and we took our time and took photos all the way over. The Castillo itself was a little disappointing. Obviously of great strategic importance in the past but for so long uncared for that it really was quite dilapidated. However, work was being done to renovate the battlements and buildings as there was a few workers engaged in the work, though in Spanish style, slowly. I guess in a year or three, tourists will be asked to pay a few Euros at the entrance to the causeway to pay for the work.


Returning to the mainland we were met by a lone Welshman from the ship who asked us whether we had been sleeping well on the ship? Apparently he drank too much in the evenings and constantly woke up to go to the loo. He seemed disappointed that we didn’t have the same problem. I resisted the temptation to give some advice.

We continued our way along the orange brick road until we came to the Cathedral we had visited during our route along the purple brick road and then cut through the an on a short cut back to the ship. We had commpleted three quarters of the route, the rest can wait for another day. We were so impressed with Cadiz that we are thinking that there might be another visit.

We were back on board by 6pm. I had a much-needed nap while Sue did some needlework. When I awoke she had fallen asleep so I went onto deck and took some photos of the city from the ship. I returned later to the top deck to take a few more shots of the sunset. Unfortunately, the better photographs would have been with the sun setting behind the Cathedral on the horizon, but the ship was in the wrong place. I dismissed the idea of asking to move the ship on the grounds that by the time the captain would have completed the manoeuvre I would have missed the best shot anyway.

We changed for dinner (informal) and made our way to the restaurant. Tom and Jerry were absent, we had met Tom during lunch and he had told us that Jerry was ill and may not make dinner.

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