And Home

We woke around 6am but didn’t get up until another 50mins. The bill for our onboard expenditure had arrived and it was quite a lot less than anticipated. What an excellent start to the day.

As most were disembarking today,  breakfast was rammed when we eventually made our way up to Deck 14 and the Plaza Restaurant. We found a table with the couple from Wiltshire and chatted with them while we ate. I broke my promise to eat healthily for the first time and had a full English!

Returning to the cabin we picked up the rest of our belongings and made our way to the Casino Lounge which was our designated departure point and waited. We were due off at 9.30am but there was a medical emergency at the departure point and we all were delayed by 1 hour. I would guess that one of the passengers who were unsteady on their feet took a bad tumble on the ramp down to the quay. I spent the time reading my book and Sue read the Daily Mail she had picked up.


When we were called to disembark, we quickly located our suitcases on the way to the exit. The car had already been brought through to the car park next to the ship and I soon had the cases safely stowed away and we were quickly on our journey home. An uneventful journey.

Sarah was at home and we had coffee and a chat with her and then Jamie turned up, wash bag tucked under his arm. Welcome home mum! I had a couple of phone calls concerning the Internationals on that TV afternoon and Jamie gave me a lift to the Angel on his way home. Sue as ever was eager to renew her relationship with the Bosch and Sarah went off to work. We won’t be seeing her for another week as she is off to Newcastle with Lee for a bit of a Spa holiday. Jamie jets off to Andorra in a couple of weeks to ski.

As you will guess, Sue and I had a very early night. Ooooooo it was chilly!!!!!

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