To Gatwick and Beyond!

Thursday 22nd Sept.

Due to bad planning by the management at MeatLink, too many staff had been given time off for  a holiday, so today was a working day for Jamie covering for absent colleagues. It began at 5am with a journey to Lancashire and back and then the rest of the day spent in the offices preparing orders for the next week. He finished his long day at 5.30pm

It was a lovely, warm late summer day.

Sue spent it with an early attack on the washing machine and then a journey to the cinema in Kettering to catch an 11am showing of ‘Jungle Book’. Afterwards she had an hour to waste so she  shopped and snacked at the nearby retail park before taking her seat for the second film of the day  (a period drama whose title escapes me). She then picked up Lucas from school as Ellis had a hospital appointment concerning the strange lump that appeared behind his knee. He will now be getting an x-ray to try to solve the problem. She finished off the afternoon at Charlotte’s before returning home.

I spent the morning reading through the documentation needed for the trip to Calgary and then packing my rucksack with what I hoped I would need. With preparations completed I busied myself tidying up the garden and pool before visiting the ‘vineyard’ and picking a half-box of red grapes for Sue to juice and drink while I was away.

Jamie came for tea and to repack his clothes into a larger bag. He brought Madison with him. Sue is to reluctantly look after his little rabbit while we are away. I expect dire tales of woe on our return regarding this little creature. We shall see.

We left on our 2.5 hour journey to the Arora International Hotel in Crawley at 7pm and though the motorways were busy, mostly with foreign lorries (in the light of recent events you can’t but help wonder how many illegal immigrants they contain), the journey proved uneventful. Parking and checking in was straightforward, not surprising considering the time of night. After a drink in the bar we returned to our room for a reasonable night’s sleep.

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