What a scorching week we have had! I managed to play tennis (twice),although noticeably at a much reduced pace and expenditure of energy. At school I gave the Year 4’s their optional SAT’s (always happens when the weather is good). All that leaves me to do now is to write their school reports. They are a very nice class and I am glad I have finished my teaching career with them.
The greenhouse is looking good, cucumbers and tomatoes are growing well.
Today Sarah and I tried out the canoe. We left at 9.30am paddling away from Mkt. Harborough on the Grand Union canal and fished at 5.30pm somewhere near Kibworth. We stopped for lunch at Foxton Locks. Highlights were: Sarah saying "Hello" to a man through the window of his canal boat as we passed (he jumped a mile as he was on the loo!), a huge swan accompanied us for quite a long time and then attacked us (I beat him off with a paddle), a scary paddle down a tunnel, and Sue managing to find us when we had finished in the middle of nowhere.
Jamie had a pool and BBQ party with his mates, though they appeared to get quite drunk, they behaved well.

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