My good news

Today Sue and I went out for lunch to the’Shoulder of Mutton’ pub for lunch to celebrate. A couple of months ago I was eventually persuaded by Sue to visit the doctors as I was losing sleep through and ache in both arms. I had a blood test and anti-biotics. When the blood test came back I was prescribed steroids for rheumatism in my upper arms. However there was an excess of antigens present in the blood and I had to have a further blood test. When that came back it confirmed a high level of antigens, usually present with prostrate cancer. Next came a visit to the hospital to see a specialist and a biopsy (not very nice and it hurts!) I had 2 weeks to wait for the results (quite worrying). The good news is that the steroids have done their job and I get no arm ache (I stuffed Jim at tennis tonight, 2 sets to love at tennis)and the results of the biopsy confirm that I don’t have prostrate cancer and have been discharged (should get another blood test in a couple of years). Sue had sweet and sour soup with Chicken curry and I had spring rolls with Nassi Goreng, the meal was lovely and we must go again.

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