My good news

Today Sue and I went for lunch to the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ in Great Bowden to celebrate being well. A couple of months ago I was persuaded by Sue to visit the doctor as I was losing sleep through a terrible ache in both arms. I had a blood test, and he prescribed antibiotics. When the result of the blood test came back, he then prescribed steroids for rheumatism in the upper arms. However, the test indicated there was an excess of antigens present in the blood and I had a further blood test. When the results of that came back it confirmed a high level of antigens, which are usually present with prostate cancer. Next came a visit to the hospital in Leicester to see a specialist for a biopsy, the procedure for which was quite painful. The results from the biopsy came back two weeks later and confirmed that I don’t have prostate cancer. I have since been discharged and will have another blood test in a couple of years.
As a further celebration, I played Jim a couple of sets of tennis and despite the ache in my arms, I won them both 6:0.

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