A Varied Week

This week we had interviews at school to find someone to replace me. After the 7 original aplications received, only 2 were left to interview on Tuesday and one of those was an internal candidate. The internal candidate was given the job. On Thursday I and the Head interviewed 7 candidates for a Year 2 vacancy. Because the Deputy Headship was internal, it meant that we now had 2 vacancies to fill instead of 1. Unfortunately, all the candidates were NQT’s and keystage 1 trained, and one of the posts was in Year4 (keystage2). Two were appointed. One of them was an ex pupil and I felt really, really, really ancient! However, they were both outstanding and will do the job admirably.
Sarah had work experience this week at a Nursery. She absolutely loved it. They must have worked her hard as she came home very tired each day. Her repoirt at the end of the week was very good. We must look for a job for her over the summer!!! She is also planning how to make a wedding cake. Not for Charlotte, but it is part of her schoolwork, I suppose I will have to pay for the ingredients (as usual), but won’t get a sniff of a crumb.
On Friday it was Sarah’s 15th brthday. Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down to celebrate. We took her to the ‘Shoulder of Mutton’ for a meal, it was lovel and Lucas behaved impeccably. On Saturday she had her ears pierced, despite her dad disapproving. Later she went with Charlotte and Suraj to Rockingham on an all terrain vehicle day. They had a great time driving up and down impossible slopes etc. Afterwards we had a BBQ, Jamie brought Harriet and for the first time we managed to have a good chat with her. She seems quite sensible and accepted a challenge for Jamie and herself to play tennis against Sarah and I, when she has finished her exams.
I helped Jamie change his break light bulb as he told me that he had been stopped by the police. He tod me that he is regularly stopped and onc he was stopped 3 times in one day. I haven’t been stopped once in 33 years.
Today it has rained incessantly, so I replaced 4 light fittings downstairs and converted my CD collection to mp3. A boring day.

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