Highs and Lows

This week the weather has not been very good (it has to be half term?). To escape the atrocious weather in Harborough, Sarah and I travelled up to sunny Yorkshire! It was raining there as well!!!!! I did manage to weed Mum’s vegetable   patch and repair her washing machine (she is keeping well). We did watch a lot of the ‘Simpsons’ on Sky TV.
On Wednesday, Sarah and I diverted to Newark to drop some clothes off for Lucas (on our way back home). It was nice to see them, we didn’t stay long and travelkled back to Harborough in the rain.
Thursday and Friday saw Sarah and Sue making a wedding cake, and I put some more lights in upstairs. On Friday evening Sue, Sarah and I went to the theatre to see ‘High School Musical’. It was very entertaining. However, when we go home I discovered that the fox had killed Chocolate and Honey (Guinea Pigs). He had only just done it when we returned. He was still there and very precocious, he wouldn’t leave their little corpses, so I put them in their cage in the shed and Jamie chased the fox away. If only we had returned ten minutes earlier! On Saturday morning we buried them. Very sad. Jamie drove down to Bath with some friends (Don’t know why).

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