The Day the Snow Arrived.

It snowed on Monday.
On Tuesday I took Nan to Thurcroft.
On Wednesday Nan went to the Hopsital to have her eye checked out. Since her accident there has been changes to her vision, so the treatment they were expecting to give, couldn’t. An appointment to see the consultant to find out what was going on now had to be made in 5 weeks. David and Genya came in the evening to see her. I left to see Charlotte in Newark, before the snow that was forecast, arrived.
I had fish and chips, read Lucas a couple of stories and then left Newark to travel home.
Woke up on Thursday to a heavy snowfall (see photos).
Made a snowman (Cyberman)with Sarah.
Watched Jamie try to drive his car up the drive-way (despite being told he wouldn’t be able to do it). The low profile wheels and supension (20cm), could not push its way through the snow (30cm), even aftere half an hour of trying and 5 of his mates to push (see photo, where it ended up). He has a snow board and had to walk to the slopes.
Highlights: Charlotte sent Sue some flowers to cheer her up after all the illness she has had. No supply work for myself or Sue as the schools have been shut with the poor weather. I had a letter published in the local paper, I was commentating about the integrity of the Natwest Branch that was forcing local businesses to fold by hiking up their rents.

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