A Day Out

Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium

Cardiff Castle

Another cold and miserable week (weather wise), nothing done in the allotments other than I spent an hour painting the shed with sump oil to weather proof it.  The last 15 minutes of painting was done in a steady drizzle so I didn’t do the roof, it will have to wait.

I spent one evening in Rothwell measuring to fit a stairgate. One staircase is quite wide so I had to make a support for it. It is made but not yet fitted as events contrived to put off the installation. Hopefully it fits and I just have to paint it then install it.

The Rugby Club is having its annual May Bank Holiday Rugby Sevens competition. I have helped in the past by refereeing, but Sevens Rugby is far too fast for me now and I have volunteered to help out in another way. I am on the sub-committee that is organising a parallel Beer Festival to take place over that weekend. No doubt it will mean testing a few beers, but it is not a bad sacrifice to make and my bones will ache less the following day. I attended the first meeting at the Sugar Loaf on Thursday (seemed appropriate).

We don’t see much of Jamie, unless he wants to use the computer or phone. He paid his TV licence and electricity bill this week  and sent a text to Sue complaining that his  Apartment had gone up £11 (not sure whether that was a week or month). We had a parcel delivered to the house containing car springs.  When asked he said they were for a friend who is lowering his suspension, I hope so.

Sarah seems to be spending her time between School, Rothwell, Savers and her bedroom and we seem to see less of her, except first thing in the mornings. She has an interview at Sheffield University in a couple of weeks, so I shall use it to see Nan when I take her.

Sue managed a couple of half-days in school this week, but has spent the a lot of the time with me looking through the window at the miserable weather outside (me moaning about not being able to  get out in the garden and she moaning about not being able to dry the washing). It has been that sort of damp cold that gets through to your bones.

However on Friday, we got up at 5.45am and walked to the train station to meet Jim and Kate for a day trip to Cardiff. Weather wise it was the best day of the winter so far, bright and sunny and nearly warm. The train passed through central Wales and the scenery was splendid. We stopped in Llandridnod Wells for a 20 minutes break. It was market day and Jim and I both bought our girls a face flannel with a Welsh dragon on it for 50p (so romantic). I didn’t think they were impressed but as I always say, it is the thought that counts. We had lunch at a Nando’s in Cardiff and then had a look at the Castle and most importantly the Rugby Stadium, before returning to catch the train. We returned via London to arrive back to a frosty Harborough at 10.55pm. Quite a full and enjoyable day out, and it also happened to be my birthday (but enough of that).

Inter-City Liveried special train

Today (Sunday), the Rothwell’s are coming for lunch. It will a late one as Sarah is working at Savers until 4pm.

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