Journey to Chitwan

Up again at the crack of dawn (5.15am). An early start was needed for our journey to Chitwan as part of the road is closed to all traffic after 9am, for 6 hours. The government is doing a lot of necessary road improvements, much-needed after the 2015 earthquake.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a ‘dicky’ tummy, which heralded the start of more unpleasant things to come! Popping Immodium before a very light breakfast, I thought would see me through the coming journey and it did. Despite being bounced around inside a tin can along the worst tracks I have ever been on (you can’t call them roads when there is an absence of tarmac) worse even than the one experienced yesterday, and this one went on for hour after hour. The traffic was nose to tail on a single-track road in both directions and any error meant a couple of 1000m’s drop for someone. Thankfully not for us today.

We eventually arrived at the Jungle Crown Hotel, which through bleary eyes I guess is some way outside Chitwan. Looked like a very nice hotel, even had a pool. While we waited for rooms to be allocated I pressured reception to give me one straight away as I couldn’t stay awake any longer. While  Sue chatted with the rest of our party I went to bed and slept until woken by her at 6.30am the following morning.

While I was dreaming of waterfalls and elephant dung, Sue went along with the rest of our party on an afternoon safari. She saw a million different types of birds, loads of elephants and crocodiles and some water buffalo. Wish I had been there, but nature was calling (constantly) in a different fashion.

And that is as much as I know about yesterday.

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