The sun has NOT got its hat on!

It appears to be a sad fact of life that now the warm weather has arrived and the allotments and gardens are bursting into life, that the fine weather also tends to bring out those annoying little insects that can spoil these brief British summery moments. This year has brought insects of a larger nature. On Wednesday, Charlotte and the kids returned from a brief shopping trip into the village to find the rear kitchen window jemmied, the back door open and the TV’s gone along with computers and jewellery.  It happened during the hour (or less) that she was out.

After ringing 999 the police advised here to vacate the premises. When I arrived, I found her and the kids with the Site Manager. Almost immediately, Suraj arrived and some 10 minutes later, a plain clothes policeman. Quite soon afterwards Sue arrived and took the children out-of-the-way to Harborough.

Looking around the property it was quite evident how they had gained access. One of the neighbours came out and told us what they had seen, which was not a lot. Before she had left for her shopping trip, Charlotte had arranged for some contractors that were working on the site to spray her back garden for weeds and had shown them around the back garden and left the side gate open for them while she was out. They were nowhere to be seen when she got back.

When it became evident what had gone missing I felt it best to take Charlotte to Harborough and leave Suraj to detail the missing items.

Later that night, after forensics had been and dusted the window and the police had conducted neighbourhood interviews to see if anyone had seen anything, one of the neighbours came around. When he had left for work that morning he had noticed a van with trailer parked alongside their fence and two men acting suspiciously. Suspiciously enough for him to stop and take some details, before driving off. The details have been passed onto the police.

House and contents are insured and on Monday the Loss Assessor will arrive to do his job. It is the personal items that have gone, that hurt the most. I hope to do a little insect spraying soon.

On Monday, I got the results from my Barium Scan and they were fine. So now within the next 2 weeks I will be having an appointment for an ultrasound Scan.

On Thursday, Sarah finishes school in the morning so we went over to Rothwell and I took them all out for lunch. Later that evening Sue, Charlotte and Sarah went to the theatre to see ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. I am told it was very good and helped Charlotte to take her mind off things. I went to play pool and Suraj had the kids. Jamie brought his gerbils for us to look after while he is away. I got very detailed instructions on how to look after them.

On Friday, the Rothwells came for curry. Jamie briefly popped in from work before driving down to Brighton for the weekend. He is staying with a friend who is at the University. He is returning on Sunday and I take Harley and him on Monday morning (4am) to East Midlands airport to catch a flight to Gerona for a short ‘all inclusive’ holiday.

Nan is at present in Wales attending a wedding. She was picked up on Thursday and is not sure when she is returning, but hopefully now that the weather is better she will spend some time with us.

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