The Easter Bunny

Monday saw me pick up Jamie and Harley from his apartment at 4am and drive to East Midlands Airport. I dropped them off outside the Departures  Entrance then drove back and went to bed. Jamie rang later that evening to say that they had got there safely, though Harley was 7kg over weight on her baggage ( Ryanair let her off, can you believe it?). They had attacked the sunbeds straight away and both had got burnt. Done it myself when I was that age.

Allotments: Doing nicely, but both have been watered every 2 days due to the lack of rain and the rather hot weather. Potatoes, onions and beetroot are peeping through. The greenhouse is quite stuffed with little plants, especially melons! I will have to give quite a lot away, I think.

At 5pm we all headed for Harborough. After tea the Rothwells departed and Sue and I sat down to watch some TV before going to bed.

Sarah caught the train to Nottingham today. She is going with Lee to pick up his parents, who have had a week in Skegness, they certainly had good weather. Jamie came over to pick up his Gerbils. So far, Sue and I have had a quiet day.

This week I put a new alarm system in  the house. It is wireless and GSM, so can be controlled by your mobile phone. It has a smoke alarm in the system, so any burglars trying to burn us down are in for a shock (or baseball bat). I also put a similar system into the Rothwell’s house, though left the programming to Suraj as they have cats and need to zone the house. Houses with dogs don’t need alarm systems.

Sarah has been sat in the back garden most of the week revising and enjoying the sun. And when not there, she  spent quite a few days over in Rothwell keeping Charlotte company. Friday was so hot the family came to dip in the pool and we had the first BBQ of the season. A lot of water balloons got thrown!!! I had picked up Jamie and Harley from the airport that morning and they came as well. They were quite tanned though Harley was struggling with burnt legs and Jamie will have to learn to take his sunglasses off when sunbathing.

I had been to watch the 2nd team win the 2nd Team Cup over in Corby on Wednesday night against Kettering. It was a close game and a very warm evening. On Saturday I went to the Rugby Club to watch the 3rd Team play in very dusty conditions and win their game against Loughborough. It is far to dry and hot to be playing rugby. It is the Club’s Seven’s Competition next Saturday (bet it rains). It is also the Beer Festival I am helping to organise (doesn’t matter if it rains).

On Saturday night Sue, Charlotte, Sarah and I went to see ‘The Social Network’ at the local Cinema Club. I nearly fell asleep (though some family members insisted I did), what a non-event. “Watching Paint Dry”  in 3D, would be a block buster compared to it. The chocolate eclairs and bonbons were a highlight and worth a mention.

On Sunday the family arrived for lunch. First they opened their Easter Eggs then went on an Egg Hunt around the garden to find even more. After lunch, Jamie disappeared to go Pitbiking (haven’t clue what that is) and the rest of us went to see the blue-bells in Dingly Woods. Sarah drove Lucas and I, while the others went in Charlotte’s car.

After trying out several rope swings, and admiring the carpet of bluebells we moved on to the the Lake in Corby where after ice creams in the cafe, the little ones had a go in the playground.

After looking at the ducks we moved on the East Carlton Park where there was a lot going on. I watched an African Evangelical rock/music concert in the grounds. It was quite interesting until I was approached by a well-meaning young lady, keen to spread the word of Jesus. I moved on.

At 5pm we drove back to Harborough for tea. The Rothwells then left for home and we watched TV until bedtime. Today Sarah caught the train to Nottingham. Lee was taking her to Skegness to pick up his parents who had been there for the week (lucky with the weather). It’s been a quiet day other than Jamie appeared for half an hour to pick up his gerbils.

Misc News: Roger popped around on Thursday for the first time since October, he had a cup of tea then borrowed my scarifier to get the moss out of his lawn. Luckily next door gave me their scarifier on Tuesday, as they have had their lawn dug up and replaced it with patio, they no longer needed it. I wonder how Roger knew? The last time he borrowed it, he had it for 5 years and returned it broken. David set off for Bulgaria on Friday. He must be driving there alone and not taking Genya, as the short email he sent didn’t mention either other than it would take him a week.  I guess Genya will fly out in a couple of weeks time, which is when I thought they were going to leave. Nan is still in  Wales and seems to be enjoying the sunny weather up the mountain at Aunt Josie’s. She tells me she has no immediate plans to return.

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