Snow & Swinging Easter

It is the end of term, and the weather has turned cold. One day we woke to several centimetres of snow inviting Sarah to build a very impressive snowman, I took some photographs of it, but that was the end of my venture outdoors for the rest of the day we all stayed firmly and warmly indoors (brrrrrrr!)
On Saturday Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas came down to stay for Easter. We mostly stayed inside as the weather was still too cold. Lucas enjoys getting up to mischief, and now you have to keep a close eye on him.
On Monday afternoon we went for a walk around Bluebell Woods in Dingley, disappointingly because of the recent cold weather the bluebells weren’t out yet. However, we did have plenty of swings from several of the trees which had ropes thoughtfully suspended from them. Lots of fun!!!!!! Overall, it was a very quiet Easter as the weather was so grotty.

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