Escape from Hospital

As predicted by Suraj, Charlotte and Ellis David did leave Lincoln Hospital on Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t long before the phone rang and a request for the return of Lucas was made. Reluctantly we promised to bring him back the following day. The following morning when Lucas realised we were taking him home he was excited to see Ellis. He pointed out that I would have to play with Jamie now that he was going, but he would come back for Christmas.

On the way to Newark, we detoured via Leicester as on the previous day we had bought Sarah a car to learn to drive in. It is a Ford KA with 32 000 miles on the clock and is a trim and neat little car. It has twin airbags, air-con and a CD player as well as ABS. She fell in love with it when she saw it and after crawling under quite a few cars that day and throwing them about in a test drive to see what was wrong with them, I was pleased to find one without any rust or defects (crawling under cars wearing light coloured trousers had turned out to be an error in judgement!) We dropped the insurance certificate off at the garage so that they could tax it and we could pick it up on Monday. It was pleasing to see that they were washing and waxing it when we turned up.

When we arrived in Newark to greeted by Charlotte, Suraj, Ellis and a roaring fire (babies have to kept roasting, I am informed). Ellis was asleep and didn’t look babyish now (like a prune with slits). Later, he was opening his eyes while feeding, though not yet able to focus for long. He certainly has a healthy appetite and ‘wuffs’ his bottle down. Lucas was pleased to be back and immediately got his toys out and began to play interspersed between spells of looking at Ellis. Charlotte looks fine but walks everywhere very delicately. It will be quite a time before she fully recovers and has been given plenty of advice not to lift or exert herself.

Suraj had made a new computer for Sarah and disappeared upstairs to configure it, and I disappeared outside to finish off some painting and a bit of carpentry. The ladies did the ‘baby thing’, what ever that is, but mostly consisted of shouting at Suraj or myself every time we left a door open. I did fix the toilet door which had a very annoying habit of slowly opening while you were busy on the loo. (of course it happens to be just out of reach of the loo seat!!!!). Well now, it stays shut and one can ……………………………. brood in piece.

We left early that evening and had a quiet journey home, no singing ‘row, row, the boat’, no answering questions of what is that? every time we passed anything remotely interesting, and NO stopping to clean up any sick.

The future is going to interesting. Suraj has got a new job, in Thrapston (about 1.5 hours down the A1). Their house is up for sale. They have a new baby. Life isn’t going to dull.

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