Up and About

Sue, Lucas, Sarah and I drove up to Newark yesterday. The weather forecast was good, but promised rain the rest of the week, so it seemed like a good idea to paint the outside of Charlotte’s house while there was a window of opportunity. We set off early and called in at Jewsons Tool Hire (which luckily was down the lane and just around the corner). When we arrived at Charlotte’s, Suraj had already left for the hospital. I have a key so there was no problem. The ladders arrived nearly straight away and I spent the day painting the house. Sue, Lucas and Sarah left at around 12.30pm to Lincoln after we had fish and chips (with mushy peas) for lunch.

The painting went well though I did have to go and get some sand and cement to make some mortar, as the chimney was decidedly ‘iffy’ and needed a lot of re-pointing before it could be painted. Some of the bricks lower down were badly corroded and benefitted from a ‘packing’ of mortar. The colour was a creamy yellow and when the sun came out, things got quite warm and I had to hunt out a hat to protect my bonce. I had a pleasant distraction when the farmer combined the field across the lane. I use the word pleasant because luckily a slight breeze was taking the dust and insects in the other direction. During the afternoon I was aware of a lot of knocking and banging next door, then a lady appeared and asked if we had a leak as water was pouring through their ceiling. I climbed down the ladder, searched through the house, everything was dry and as it should be. When I told the neighbour she scuttled off. A man with a clipboard appeared a couple of hours later and appeared to be giving an estimate (looked expensive as he was wearing a suit).

Painting the outside of the house was supposed to be a surprise, but as soon as Sue arrived at the hospital and made an excuse for me not being there, she guessed straight away. Sue and Lucas arrived back at around 5pm. Sarah had decided to stay at the hospital and travel home the following day with Suraj, who was going to Thrapston for a job interview in the morning (as I am writing this, she has just turned). I finished around 6pm and we had an uneventful journey home (Lucas wasn’t sick this time).

Charlotte is now able to get up and about. She can hold/pickup Ellis David and visit the loo herself, unaided. Her legs and feet are quite swollen and she doesn’t look as well as the other day. She went through the night and fed Ellis, though the nurses were there to take over if necessary, but were not needed. Suraj spends all day with her, but does find the hospital atmosphere quite hot and needs to go out for some fresh air regularly. The patients in the other beds seem to recycle regularly and Charlotte is the only one there long-term. Suraj seems to think that she may be out by Thursday.

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