Update 1

Charlotte has managed to get out of bed twice today, though her legs have spasms and aren’t working properly. Suraj has been with them all day and I don’t think has managed to eat much, if anything, unlike Ellis who wants to gulp his milk down every 1.5 hours. They are trying to persuade him to go to a more reasonable 3 hours. I remember Jamie was the same and he turned out to be a rather podgy baby, not that you would believe it now.

Ellis is ‘perfect’ as stated in the most recent text from Charlotte, and as this afternoon I dropped his photo onto my desktop, I tend to agree. Charlotte is determined to get back to walking as soon as possible. Suraj informs us that she is on morphine for the pain and I think that perhaps it would be better to take things slowly until the healing process really kicks in and the morphine is not necessary. I am worried about her.

Charlotte had a friend from work visit this afternoon and I think that would have been something to look forward to, hospitals can be such boring places (speaking from experience) and visitors are a welcome distraction.

Lucas is a live-wire as always and Sarah and I took him on a bike ride today through an old railway tunnel, he loved that, but not nearly as much as when I pedalled as fast as I could through a stream (twice). He is still keen on playing Doctor’s and Sarah has been cured of every illness known to man and had to go to bed for a rest from all the medication during the afternoon. He then cured my poorly, knees, ankles, elbows and toes, then I went to bed for a brief recovery nap!

Charlotte has just rung, she is missing Lucas and wanted to talk to him, so they are having a chat while he is in the bath.

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