He looks like his dad!

Sue and I drove to Lincoln with Lucas the afternoon of the birth, we stayed a couple of hours to see Ellis and the relieved parents. Despite the gruelling ordeal of giving birth, Charlotte looked radiant, a complete contrast to how we remember she looked after the birth of Lucas. In spite of looking as if she had just starred in a film shoot for a baby magazine, on closer examination she was hooked up to da rip and was taking painkillers In discussion with the nurses and Suraj, we were enlightened as to the painful nightmare of a time she had been through, it shows what a brave daughter we have, when still in obvious discomfort she still smiles and looked so pleased to see us. Both parents had suffered together throughout the night and seeing Lucas was the tonic they needed. The Caesarian did not go well, there were more complications than I can describe or understand, but hopefully, Charlotte will recover quickly, though I suspect she will be in at least a week in the hospital.

Little newborn Ellis was fast asleep all the time we were there, even when Sue gave him a bottle. I was delighted and felt very proud when Suraj and Charlotte informed me that his middle name was to be David. Of course, before leaving we took lots of photos of the little mite, he is going to be the image of his dad. And, like his dad he seems to have a healthy appetite, gulping his milk down as fast as he could, without even bothering to open his eyes.
We set off for home at 5.30 pm, having to stop briefly to clear up Lucas’s sickness in the back seat of the car from eating too many sweets in the hospital.  As we were driving south, Sarah and Jamie were on their way to see Ellis, Sarah had just started her job at ‘Savers’ and had to wait until after work. They were hoping to see Ellis during the evening visiting session, I hoped it doesn’t tire Charlotte out.

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