He looks like his dad!

Sue, Lucas and I drove up to Lincoln during the afternoon and stayed  a few hours to see Ellis. Charlotte looked radiant, in fact in complete contrast to how she looked after the birth of Lucas. I remember how haggard she appeared then. Though she looked as if she had just been in a film shoot for a baby magazine, on closer examination she was hooked up to a pipe and was taking pain killers. She had had a nightmare of a time and it shows what a brave daughter we have, to smile and look so pleased to see us, when she was obviously in great discomfort. Both parents had suffered through the night and seeing Lucas was a tonic that they needed. The Caesarian did not go well with more complications than I can describe, but hopefully Charlotte will recover quickly, though I suspect there is going to be at least a week in hospital.

Ellis was asleep most of the time we were there (even when Sue gave him a bottle) and I was rate chuffed (Yorkshire phrase) when Suraj and Charlotte told me that his middle name was to be David (it pays to install wardrobes). I took a load of photos and have included some them with this blog. You can see that he is going to be the image of his dad. He (like his dad) seems to have a healthy apetite for his food and gulped his milk down as hast as he could, without bothering to open his eyes.
We set off home with Lucas at around 5.30pm, stopping once to clear up the sick on the back seat (Lucas eating too many sweets), it brought back a lot of memories. Sarah and Jamie were on their way to Lincoln to see Ellis as we drove south. Sarah had started her job and couldn’t travel with us. They ware hoping to see him in the evening visit session. I hope it doesn’t tire Charlotte out.

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