Busy, busy, busy!

It is quite awhile since I had time to to sit down and add to the blogg. I did meet the married couple and son at Heathrow and transport them to Gatwick, via the Copthorne Hotel for hot cholcolates and exchange of baggage. Sarah went with me to look after Lucas. Aftewr saying goodbye at the airport we set off home and arrived in the early afternoon. A good journey (for once).
As has Sue worked every day for the last 2 weeks, looking after Lucas has been my privilege. I took him to school to see the children and he turned out to be a big hit with everyone (I also took some photos of the wedding). We have visited the library for story time, and played in the park everyday on the new £350 000 equipment recently installed. He loves it, and it is a godsend to all the mum’s with toddlers who use it as well. He is getting very adventurous and can climb, swing, slide and leap with expertise and some over confidence at times. The weather during the first week was cold and wet, but this week it has been warm and sunny. I put a tent up in the back garden and we play in it most days. Every morning, after breakfast (Weetabix) he gets his bucket and picks up the fallen apples and puts them on the compost heap, we then pick the runner beans and put them in the refridgerator, after that we pick the ripe tomatoes (it took several days before he could recognise the red ones!!!!) and put them in the bowl and leave them on the windowsill.  Next, is a trip in the buggy into town (shops, library or market). Lots of chats with people, mums and old people who want to talk about children and things (I am getting good at it). On the way back we visit the park for about 1 hour or more. We then have lunch and then a nap. I usually have to wake him up!. In the afternoon we play in the boat (a big cardboard box), with monkey and the two big ducks. We then collect pine cones off the driveway and go and sit on the bridge over the river and throw them in (I suppose next week I will be lonely throwing them on my own!).  Sarah arrives from school at around 3.40pm and takes him back to the park. Sue then comes home and wonders where Lucas is. At 5.10pm, Jamie arrives from work and usually takes Lucas back to the park for yet another play.
In the evenings (after Lucas has gone to bed) I have been woking on the 900+ photos we have of the wedding and holiday. I have managed to make a movie of them and am looking forwards to showing Charlotte and Suraj.
Charlotte and Suraj have phoned us quite a lot of times, hoping to speak to Lucas, but everytime except once, he has been out at the park or in bed asleep. They arrive back on Monday evening (I shall fetch them). They both have work on Tuesday so will have to travel back to Newark.

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