The whole world seems to be in a panic, the stock markets are crashing and the banks failing. I am so glad I don’t have a mortgage, saving for retirement or else things would be pretty sticky. However, I did make the mistake of placing half my savings into Halifax only to wake up the following day to the news that they were bankrupt! Thankfully, with most accounts now being online, close to panic I managed to transfer the lot back into my FirstDirect account (close thing). Regrettably, by the time I had cashed in a stocks and shares ISA I had recently opened, the market crash had well and truly eaten into my profits. That money is also now safely with FirstDirect. It is certainly a worrying time when Bankers don’t trust each other to lend money!
While the financial institutions have been in freefall, Sue has been busy beavering away as a supply teacher nearly every day in a variety of local schools. I have managed a couple of supply days at Farndon Fields (really enjoyable). Jamie has been quietly getting on with life and is still going out with Harley. Sarah continues to enjoy Air Cadets and has been quite active taking part in swimming galas, organising the local film club and of course, attending school.
I drove up to Thurcroft and spent three days with Nan, Charlotte and Lucas joined us for one of the days. The weather has remained fine and I dug up her potatoes and also prepared the garden for winter by digging it over. Nan remains fit and healthy and has already started to think about Christmas!
At home, I spent some time painting the outside doors red and also tiled a wall in the Utility Room. For once, I took my time and I think I have done a good job, there’s no need to rush now. Sue and I have decided to change the gas fire in the lounge for a multi-fuel burner and choosing one and organising its nstallation have occupied quite a lot of our thoughts and time. Hopefully, it will be in place by the end of November and with luck, it should reduce our gas bills!
Suraj had some bad news on Friday. His father had a heart attack and was rushed into Coventry Hospital, sadly he is not expected to survive. While Suraj is at the hospital along with his brothers and sisters, Charlotte and Lucas remain at home in Newark suffering from heavy colds.
Last night I had a long phone call from an old college friend, Chris Tippets, he has been retired for a few years. It was nice chatting about life; we were two grumpy old men putting the world to rights!!!!!

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