Sad news

Suraj’s father died in hospital during the week. Suraj stayed with him at the hospital until the end. Suraj, Charlotte and Lucas came to stay on Wednesday, and we looked after Lucas while Suraj and Charlotte attended the funeral in Coventry on Thursday. They stayed with us on the Friday, but slept most of the time as they looked and obviously were, exhausted. On the Saturday they travelled down to London to meet all the family and friends that wished to pay their respects to their father. They didn’t get back until around midnight and slept until noon on the Sunday. After lunch they travelled home.
Jamie was working in  London during the week. He has been looking forward to it for quite a awhile and when he rerturned late on Friday night, he looked as if he has had a good time.
Despite having trouble with a knee ligament I managed 18 holes of golf (Monday) and got round in 97 (2 birdies). I was quite pleased as I haven’t played in years. On Tuesday I used my chain saw to cut down and log a large sycamore tree next to the river that was rotten and soon to fall down. On Saturday I refereed at Stamford School, an excellent standard of rugby and also it appears an excellent standard of education provided. Yes, my knee was still hurting and does need rest before it will get better (not much chance of that).
On Friday I took Sarah up to the north of Leicestershire to join her Air Cadets group on a week-end camp. She was very excited about going. I shall pick her up later to day and find out what sort of things they did.

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