First Day!!!!

I had breakfast this morning with the family and as usual went to get changed to visit the gymn. On the way to the gymn I stopped off by the beach to have a look at the scenery before getting all tired and sweaty, when Jomo (one of the pool attendants) came over for a chat. After angling to talk about my watch and asking if he could have it, the conversation moved onto what did I do. It was then that I realised that it was the 1st of September, and I am now officially retired and out of a job! Looking at the blue sky, blue sea, Dhows with their white sails bobbing about and some evil crows cawing away, I reckon I certainly made a wise decision to plan for early retirement 18 years ago.

On Saturday we met Charlotte, Suraj and Lucas at the airport, the flight was only 10 mins late, but their journey had been a good one, though they all looked tired (even though Lucas slept most of the way). We had a bout 20 minutes with them before they boarded the mini-bus for the hours journey to Ngwi in the north. It was lovely to see them and relieved that they had made it in one piece. Afterwards we went into Stone Town, visited every museum they had and then had lunch in the Old Fort.

We have been on numerous walks around the Hotel and in Stone town, and until last night (Chinese) have eaten in a different place each time. One memorable eating place was where we had a Zanzibarian 3 piece band play for us (for a tip) and we sat sitting down on cushions, this is not easy when you are retired and the knees complain. Yesterday at lunch, I was sat down just about to scoff my Kingfish fingers and salad when a crow sitting in a branch above (waiting for leftovers) pooped onto my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ( don’t know what diet he was on, but it is yellowish green and stains). We have a lot of crows around, ALL of them EVIL! When I took my shorts off the balcony this morning, there was some more crow poo! I shall be ordering crow pie in every restruant I visit from now on!

Charlotte is coming down to Stone Town tomorrow (it is her birthday) which will be nice as the staff here are keen to see her. She is very pleased with her Hotel and says that it is absolutely beautiful. We see it on Wednesday when we travel up for the wedding.

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  1. Simon says:

    Please please tell me you also ate at the bbq street stalls – best variety of fish you will ever taste!

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