Forgotten Walk

Sue chastised me last night for not including a family walk we went on that was organised by Harborough council. So here are the details: After being a little late for the bus and having to run one mile in about 4 mins (really!) I joined Sue and Sarah at the Market Place along with a lot of wrinkly people and a few young uns’ (like us). We  travelled to Fineshade Woods, between Corby and Peterborough on a 53 seater bus that was packed and needed the aircon switching on, which they did 10 mins before we got there. We were given a choice of walking 6 miles or 3 miles. We chose the 6 mile. The leaders went wrong at the beginning and we ended up back at the lodge prematurely, so had to start again. During the first part of the walk it drizzled, but then the sun came out and it got quite warm. Sarah got on well with the leader and spent her time at the front, Sue and I trailed 30 metres behind, smiling at the flora and fauna and putting the world to rights. We saw 1 deer, 1 red kite, 1 rabbit and a million trees. We actually arrived back before the 3 mile walkers. We had a late lunch in the Lodge Cafeteria (very nice) and as we had a 1.5 hours to kill before getting back on the bus, we went into the woods and collected cobnuts. We broke them open with stones and they tasted delicious, we even brought some back. The return journey was a lot more pleasant as the aircon was on. We thanked the organisers and made a mental note to go on the next one they organise. What a nice day!

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