Nightmare Journey but we got there!

Thursday came and we packed the car and set off for Heathrow at around 12.30 noon.The journey was fine until we got to around 12 miles from the airport and the traffic backed up and and then stopped at around 6 miles to go. We sate there for about an hour and a half, thankful that we had planty of time (flying at 8pm). Eventually we did get going, passing a 7 car pile up on the way. Arrived at our off airport parking to find out it was full, however they had upgraded us to business class and we had to drive to the carpark next to Terminal 4 where were were flying from. We parked and were soon at the check in desk and were whisked straight through. Nice flight to Nairobi. Two hour wait (or so we thought), boarded the flight to Zanzibar on time. Watched propellors start and then stop. Informed we had to leave the plane as there was a technical fault. Nairobi is NOT the airport you want to be in for anything that has to be organised, helpful but clueless is the phrase that springs to mind. They did feed us, but after visiting quite a lot of check-in desks and being given wrong instructions, we eeventually managed to get on a plane (6.5 hours late), flight was good, Kilimanjarno was great and we landed safely. Zanzibar airport is pretty basic, no baggage carousel, they throw your baggage at you!!! Transfer and check in at the hotel was quick. AND THEN, Jamnie found out that his new mobile phone, that he had put in his suitcase had been stolen (probably at Nairobi). A quick phone call to Charlotte, got the phone blocked and the following morning we informed the Rep. Today Jamie has to go to the Police Station to get the paperwork sorted for the insurance. However, Zanzibar is a ver beautiful island, the food has been great and yesterday we swam with Dolphins, fed Colobus monkeys and walked through the forest in the south. We have been into StoneTown several times, we actually watched a Rap Concert, Jamie liked it (I though it was rubbish!!, and I had the advantage I couldn’t understand the language, so couldn’t be intimdated by all that pointing they do). The locals are friendly and so laid back that I would call it lazy. Everything seems to take it’s time and they appear reluctant (mostly). We have eaten in some fabulous places, very romantic and atmospheric. Zanzibar is even more 3rd world that Sri Lanka and that takes some doing, but they manage it, and such a lovely place.

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