The weather is quite glorious here, it is not as humid as the Far East so you can cool down in the shade and the sky and sea are just a perfect blue, which makes a big difference to the awful weather we had back in England. Yesterday we had a boat ride over to Prison Island (though it was never used as a prison) to see the giant Tortoises, and they were big and very friendly, though you had to be careful feeding them as I am sure if your finger got into their mouth they would have no trouble in whipping it off! Sarah and Jamie snorkelled  off the reef next to island and saw lots of  fish etc. I stayed with Sue on board as Jamie had to borrow my gear. We had the island to ourselves until a boat load of Italians turned, you can spot Italians from a mile away, they do pose quite a lot and use a lot of arm gestures, oh, and they all smoke. However we manged to stay away from them as they are not very adventurous and prefer to stay as a group (so they can admire each other), we wandered into the forest to find more Tortoises and explore some caves, we also saw Dik Diks which are a small type of deer. We travel most places by taxi as it seems the easiest way to get about and they are plentiful and cheap. The food has been very good, though I must say the service is pretty rubbish, they don’t seem to care and are bone idle, preferring to sit and chat amongst themselves instead of doing their jobs. It is a bit of a surprise if anything happens within half an hour, the norm is around 2 hours to drink and be fed. Last night eating in Stone Town it was particularly bad, after 2 hours I had to complain and ask where the food was, then it miraculously turned up in 30 seconds. It was cold and obviously been sitting there waiting to be brought to the table, they just couldn’t be bothered to bring it. We are having a day around the hotel today, Sarah and Jamie have burnt themselves and don’t wish to exert themselves, so today we will relax.

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