Sarah’s 18th Birthday

Today (Monday) is Sarah’s 18th birthday. Yesterday she and Charlotte went to Eden Hall for a day of pampering and a spa. Quite naturally they had a lovely time and came back looking quite clean.

eden hall Nottinghamshire

Tonight we are having a Chinese birthday banquet at home with the whole family to celebrate.

Sue managed a couple of days in school covering for the Deputy Head as the current Head was off ill and the new Head was in to see how things ran. On Sunday she went top see a film called ‘The Black Swan’, it was very impressive she said.

On Friday I drove up to. Thurcroft and brought Nan back. We had a rather chilly BBQ that evening with the Rothwells. Jamie popped around (briefly) to drop off his washing and then he went off to a party.

On Saturday I went to the  ‘The Angel’ to watch Northampton lose to Leinster,  good game. On Sunday I sat with Doreen as she drove to the hospital in Leicester to see her husband. She is not happy at driving and I sat with her so that she could see that she could do it. She was ok, if not a little slow and rusty. Hopefully she will be brave enough to make the journey herself instead of paying for a taxi each day. However, he may be coming out on Tuesday as they have not been able to do anything for him. During the week I have been busy watering even though we had a shower one night, it was very little. I am trying to get my potato plants looking as lush as the rest of the allotment holders. If watering them regularly doesn’t work I shall have to resort to a paper bag over my head so I won’t be recognised!

Jamie’s car broke down on Saturday. Same problem as last time, it cuts out on idle and will only drive on full throttle. (quite dangerous in a 1.6gti). I am trying to find a garage that will fix it this week as this morning I got up at 5am to take him to work!

UPDATE: The Chinese Banquet was excellent, lots of dishes and masses of food (just how I like it). Charlotte and Jamie took quite a bit home with them and Sue popped some in the fridge for lunch tomorrow (at school) and quite a lot has gone into the freezer. This morning I got up again at 5am to take Jamie to work. I’ve mowed the lawn, I am going to hoover the pool and make a chicken and leak pie. Nan has gone into town on her bat-mobile, it is sunny.

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