Alarming Wind!

It has been windy all week, with one day of rain.

On Monday, Jamie’s fire alarm went off again. I received a panic phone call at around 7pm and promptly set off to see what could be done. Again I failed to beat the two fire engines, which already had arrived several minutes before. But not before Jamie rang my mobile to inform me that, “They are coming, what do I do?” It was the heat from the shower that had set it off. The fire-men were very sympathetic as they could see Jamie was panicky and told him not to worry if it went off again, but stressed it should be replaced. I rang the Housing Association the following day to inform them that it needed replacing.

Sarah had been quite sick during the night and despite being sick and looking awful, she insisted on going into school, as it was her last “Geography lesson, ever”, she said. I picked her up an hour later and she spent the rest of the day in bed. She was well enough to go line dancing on the Tuesday. I drove her and Nan over to Charlotte’s for it, but as Lucas was having a new friend over in the afternoon to play with, Nan and I had to leave at 3.30pm.

Sue and I then came down with the same bug. Lasted about 24 hours and despite feeling full and uncomfortable, with frequent sleeps and drinks we saw it off. Suraj, Jamie and Harley also caught it, we suspect from Ellis. Today I read in the paper that cucumbers are full of e-coli, I wonder? Not to be outdone Nan also succumbed to it later in the week, a day spent in bed again saw it off.

Wednesday evening saw Nan, Sue and I attend a showing by the Harborough Cine Club. They were showing a selection of their work from 1960 up to the present day. It turned out to be a fascinating but long evening. Sue and I could remember many of the events shown, but a film of the Tungstone factory burning down failed to stimulate any of my memory cells, even though Sue insisted we watched it with Jethro and left because he was getting frightened.

A few years ago Charlotte printed out the ‘Palmer Family Blog’ for 2007 and 2008. As the weather was windy and chilly, Nan sat in the sun lounge reading them. This prompted me to printout 2009 and 2010. She has finished reading those now. As I printed them I started to notice all the errors, both grammatical and spelling within them (shameful!). I copied them into Word and corrected them before printing.

Friday saw Nan and I meet Charlotte and Ellis at the pub in Harrington for lunch.

She came over later in the afternoon with Lucas and Ellis for ‘Curry Night’. Sue had spent all week in school and preferred to catch up on some sleep as we were going out later. Suraj was still ill from ‘the bug’ and wasn’t coming. Sarah had caught the train to Nottingham to see Lee, who had arranged a surprise for her at Alton Towers (Paranormal Night). As Nan, Charlotte and I were the only ones eating we had the Thai Red Curry and I put the Rogan Josh in the fridge. Later that evening Sue and I went to the cinema to watch ’The Way Back’. A long, but excellent film that we both enjoyed.

On Saturday I caught the supporter’s bus at the Market Hall (9.30am), to Twickenham to watch the Aviva Premiership Final. We arrived at 12.30pm and walked into Twickenham village to have steak and ale pie and chips, at the Prince Blucher.

The Prince Blucher, TwickenhamAfterwards we watched the game. Very disappointing, the Tigers lost and deservedly so.

I got back just in time to watch Manchester United lose to Barcelona and deservedly so.

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