Poor Lucas

Lucas was taken into hospital this week with a urinary infection. He was placed on a drip and kept in overnight, he must have been very poorly. Charlotte stayed with him, but as would be expected, understandably didn’t get much sleep. Charlotte and Lucas had been planning to stay for the weekend while Suraj ripped up floorboards again in readiness for Lucas’s birthday party in 2 weeks’ time.  Poor Lucas might have to be on antibiotics for quite a while.
Sarah and I went to watch Leicester Tigers beat Newcastle on Monday night, it was a good game, but rather chilly!!!! Sarah got another ‘A’ star for her cooking again – strange but we don’t get as much as a sniff of any food brought home! I guess that makes us lucky as Sarah now has a cold!
On Tuesday I went with the school choir to the Royal Albert Hall in London, they were performing in the Leicestershire Schools’ Prom. It was absolutely brilliant, a great experience.  Words can’t express how good the orchestras, bands, choirs, and drummers were. We really do have some talent in this country. When all 500 children sang ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ with balloons, confetti and fireworks going off ………  what an experience. Very tired, we didn’t arrive back at school until 1.30am.
Sue worked a full week again (now starting to moan about the late-night marking/planning).
Jamie has been seen with Lara again, so she must still be on the scene.
The Colts side I coach, beat Hinckley in the county cup on Saturday (1st time in 11 years). We now progress into the National Round so we may have to Travel down to Penzance or Carlisle etc. in the next round. Quite exciting.

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