A Walk in the Wyre forest

A pretty humdrum week of work, work, work for all of us. Sue put in another full week, Sarah busy at school, Jamie busy in the work shop and at College and I murdered a few more trees.
On Friday I and four other friends drove over to Highley in Shropshire, to have our annual walk. In the past we have done strenuous forays into the wilds of England, but we all agreed we are getting on now, and decided on something more sedate (see photos). I had booked a little cottage with the River Severn in the front garden and the Severn Valley Railway in the back garden, very picturesque. Next door was the Ship Inn (enough said). On Saturday we walked from the cottage down the river and through the forest to Bewdley (11 miles), got a taxi back to the cottage and had a kip for a couple of hours! The evening was spent watching a very good blues band at the pub. On Sunday we walked a further 6 miles up the river and back again, before driving home. A very enjoyable break, I even forgot about the Disability Scheme that I have to write before Dec 16th, it’s only a million pages long and obviously vital to the smooth running of the school.
Charlotte and Lucas had come down to stay on Friday night, Suraj is doing the floors again. She stayed until Monday morning, then went home. All I can say is that Sarah and Charlotte were experimenting with nail extensions, most of Sunday night (fascinating?)

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