The Loooooong Journey!

The family news is that Philippa and Paul got tickets for a Led Zeppelin Concert this week. They camped out and managed to get some VIP treatment by being in the front row next to the stage. They were also interviewed by the media and had their photos in several national newspapers.
I lost my mobile phone last weekend and after a whole week of searching, I eventually found it on Saturday. I had dropped it in the garden next to the shed, during the week we had torrential rain and frosts most nights and when I found it, it was frozen into a puddle. In hope, I took the battery out and placed it on a radiator to dry out and when plucked up the courage to replace the battery it worked!!! It still has some condensation inside but continues to function properly, I suppose I should send an email to congratulate the manufacturers.
Sue actually had one day off school this week and she looked a lot better for it. Lately, she has been carrying a rather chesty cough for weeks now and passing it back and forth between herself and a class of children doesn’t help.
Sarah is quietly getting excited about Christmas and keeps checking under the tree to see if there any presents for her. Sue and I left her on her own on Friday (we went to see a film called Zodiac) and I think she enjoyed the responsibility as we didn’t ring her once to check up.
Jamie decided to go and visit nan on Friday. He said he knew how to get there, but he didn’t borrow the Satnav or take a map. The journey normally takes 1hr 15 mins, he got lost and it took 5hrs 30 mins. He had to ring Charlotte from Mansfield to ask for directions (Sue and I were out at the cinema with our phones off). Thoughtfully, Nan stayed up until he arrived. He came back on Saturday (after I had explained the route). He won’t be doing that again in a hurry.
This weekend I bottled my Sloe Gin in readiness for the annual Sloe Gin Competition, next Thursday. It tastes a bit tarty, and I don’t think I will do very well, but I have great hopes for my pickled onions, especially the chilli onion flavour I have made (very impressive I think, best eaten last!).

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